Podcast Ep36: Euro 2016 Beckons, MMA Death, Sharapova Ban and Other Drugs

Show Notes for Season Ticket Episode 36

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With the beginning of Euro 2016 only a matter of hours away, the podcasters have reached a fever pitch of excitement. Ish. We stumble our way through the groups in a manner befitting three famous mice and conclude that the Republic of Ireland will win the tournament! Ish.

MMA comes in for a bit of a kicking and the sad passing of Kimbo Slice, at the tender age of 42, is mulled over.

One of our favourite hates raises its head yet again in the shape of the Maria Sharapova drug ban. The Russian intends to appeal, as is her right and some of her biggest sponsors intend to close their eyes and block their ears by backing her, as is to be expected.

Did you hear the one about the horse who couldn’t race because his trainer was fond of a spliff? No? Well you’d better listen in and find out.