Podcast Ep35: Caneiro, Martin O’Neill, Terrorists, UFC 199, NBA

Show Notes for Season Ticket Episode 35

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Episode 35 sees us chat about the current case involving Dr Eva Caneiro and Chelsea/Jose Mourinho. Who’s right and who’s wrong? That’s a rhetorical question as we all know the answer there.

Republic of Ireland manager, Martin O’Neill may have put his foot in it with some ill-considered comments recently – should the unquenchable sword of outrage strike him, is it much ado about nothing or somewhere in between?

Threats to the safety of the public in the upcoming Euros were brought into stark relief with news that Ukrainian security forces have apprehended a highly-armed French man who apparently had designs on mass atrocities during the finals. The podcast discuss whether this single act makes France safer or does it highlight the myriad threats that face the tournament this year?

We take a look back at a successful UFC 199 but also look at some of the less savory aspects of the UFC as an organization.

This coming Thursday will see the podcast go full Euro 2016 (well, apart from a nod toward Golden State Warriors) as we try to desperately try avoid a full meltdown into excitement.