Podcast Ep34: Connaught, Champions League Final, Jose, Spieth

Show Notes for Season Ticket Episode 33

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In our round up of the sporting weekend, Connaught were responsible for the brightest star as their ‘curtain opener’ (in tv scheduling terms) easily beat the following CL final in all the things that are important – bravery, honour and excitement. The CL final had Pepe. It hardly seems worth it to mention anything else in that regard.

In worse news, Jose Mourinho has deemed it right and proper to return to management in England so we can all look forward to at least half a season of his, ahem, charming and considered opinions on plenty of things that are of no concern to him. The sad thing about some of the circuses that come to town is that when they leave, they take with them all the joy that was there so they can feed from it like some shade of weird vampire.

Picking things up from there, Earl and our guest for the evening, Dani C, discuss the upcoming UFC 199 and what drug mess might triumph over another. In the absence of our erstwhile band leader and current holiday maker, Des, we briefly discuss Golden State and Jordan Spieth, who has finally got back to some winning ways in the wonderfully named Colonial Country Club in Texas. Hmmm.