Podcast Ep32: End of the Footie Season, Europa League Final, Irish Open Golf, Robots, NBA Playoffs

Show Notes for Season Ticket Episode 32

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It’s a relatively quiet time of year. Domestic football has come to a close with the exception of the cup finals, and of course we have the small matter of the Champions League Final to look forward to next week. We’re all eagerly awaiting the start of Euro 2016 in a couple of weeks. Cob decries football teams using kids as advertising stooges.

In golf the Irish Open is going on in pretty terrible conditions (for half the field, at least) with Rory McIlroy going well.

The NBA playoffs saw Kyle Lowry walk out on the Raptors when they were wrapped in a battle with the Cavaliers. Lastly, the Pittsburgh Steelers have started using robots in training; Carl takes this to its logical conclusion.