Podcast Ep25: Leicester Rolling, El Snoozefest, UFC Machinations, Manicured Drinking Games

Show Notes for Season Ticket Episode 25

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Leicester continue mission not-so-impossible as they beat Southampton 1-0 to open up a 7 point gap over second-placed Spurs, the London team only managing a draw (1-1) against Liverpool. Our senior analyst got this one right. Perhaps he’d care to explain further. Perhaps not.

Villa v Chelsea 0-4

Called improbable draw here, reality took over and the reigning champs ran out comfortable winners. Poor, poor Villa. Even Pato scored.

Bournemouth v Man City 0-4

Form suggests the home side for positive result, draw or win.

Form was not a reliable indicator in this case. City charged to a 3-0 within the first 20 minutes. De Bruyne was back and made his presence felt in the explosive City opening.

Man Utd v Everton 1-0 (not previewed but watched)

Coleman should have done better re. Utd’s goal but home team worthy winners. Better to watch than most times this season. Man of the match, according to this column, was Daley Blind who had a much larger Lukakau well shackled up until his withdrawal with injury. Utd in fifth, just one point behind City. Everton have managed 11 draws home and away. What-iffery suggests that had these draws been wins, they would now be sitting in third.

Drugs in English football? The Sunday Times has reported that private doctor Mark Bonar claims to have prescribed banned performance-enhancing drugs to over 150 British athletes, including footballers. Four teams were mentioned in the report – Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester and Birmingham. All have issued stern denials of the story.

Morals in football generally? A new report from Amnesty yet again shining a light on conditions of migrant workers in Qatar as they prepare for WC2022.


Barcelona v Real Madrid

Madrid come from behind to win 1-2 with goals from Benzema and Ronaldo doing the damage. Red card for Ramos, his twentieth career sending-off but probably should have come much earlier as he was his usual charming self throughout.


Jon Jones v Cormier (pulled out with injury) then Rumble Johnson but someone else is now in the frame.


No Tiger for the Masters. No Rory for the Par 3 contest. Some of the funny rules of Augusta National. Bet against the Big 3.