Podcast Ep23: International Friendlies, Boxing Refs, World Matchplay Golf, Connaught Rugby

Show Notes for Season Ticket Episode 23

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International Friendlies

Ireland beat Switzerland in a dour affair, and England beat Germany and are now certainties for the European Championships. Carl proposes that Wayne Rooney might be worth leaving on the sidelines. We also discuss the chances of Belgium and France with a little over 10 weeks to go until proceedings kick off.


Chris Eubank Jr was put in a terrible position when the ref wouldn’t stop the fight despite his opponent being in very bad shape. It actually took his old man to hop in the ring at the end of the 8th round and tell him to resort to only body shots until the end of the fight. There wasn’t even a doctor present. How can this be led to happen, and why is it MMA that get’s the bad rep when it comes to safety?


Connaught are leading the Pro12 and Cob likes what he sees from them.


Jason Day won the World Matchplay and is finding some form with just 2 weeks to go until the Masters starts. He defeated Rory McIlory in the semifinal, and quite how McIlroy made it that far is a bit of a mystery given how bad he played all week.

There’s plenty of other chat in there about various bits and pieces too!