Podcast Ep22: A Whole Lot of Chat About Not Very Much at All

Show Notes for Season Ticket Episode 22

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This is quite the episode. We decided to take a break from the grind and do no preparation…just turn on the mics for 40 minutes and talk into them. The results are ‘interesting’.

In keeping with the lack of preparation we also didn’t write down any notes, so remembering what’s in there is challenging. There was talk of Djokovic’s comments that male tennis players should earn more than their female counterparts.

We also chat a bit about MMA being legalised in New York State, and what that will do for the sport in general.

Some fairly hilarious chat about old storylines from the WWE that involve drop kicking a baby and surfing on a coffin being towed by a hearse.

There are international friendlies on in football this weekend with Ireland taking on Switzerland and England taking on Germany.

Lastly, Rob tries to convince everyone that baseball is worth taking a look at.

Oh, and Carl becomes a Jason Day fan.