Podcast Ep 6: Liverpool v Stoke, Duck Transfer News, Enter the Pendragon and Old Men Fighting

Show Notes for Season Ticket Episode 5

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Capital One Cup Semifinal

Tuesday saw one of the worst matches in footballing history between Liverpool and Stoke for a place in the League Cup final. The game went to penalties and the shootout was pretty much the only good football on display. We pined for a Merseyside derby, but it wasn’t to be as Man City saw off Everton in the other semi.

Transfer News

We have a chat about some of the transfers that have gone in the January transfer window including Ramires heading from Chelsea to China, Pato (Portugese for ‘duck’, in transpires) heading to Chelsea on loan, and Emmanuel Adebayor’s trip to Crystal Palace to see if, unlike the rest of the team, he can manage to score a goal.

Free to Air Sport on TV

All of the matches and teams mentioned above would be viewed on Sky or BT, those aforementioned channels have pushed traditional sports programming on RTE and BBC to the precipice and allowed commercial presentations and sometimes tv channels, TV3 and UTV, to buy up all that was once precious in the shape of the rugby, Olympics, and likely Euros and WC in the future. To say nothing of Sky taking the golf… What does the future hold for yr average common or garden sporting fan?

UFC and Bellator Action

Carl gives us plenty of tips for the upcoming UFC on Fox 18 event and speaks a bit about UFC 196 too, though it looks like it’s been pulled as a numbered event and now McGregor vs DosAnjos will be UFC196. He also tells us of the upcoming Bellator card which comprises mostly old men, including one fight where the combined ages of the combatants is 100!

It has also emerged that retired Irish UFC fighter Cathal Pendred is to try his hand at action movie acting, and he has a few auditions lined up in the US. Will he be the main bad guy, or henchman number 3. Only time will tell.