Podcast Ep 3: Football, UFC Love Letters, Snooker, Sony Open, NFL, Betting Challenge

Show Notes for Season Ticket Episode 3

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Review of COB’s Tips from Last Week

Each week on this very website, COB gives us his unparalleled insight into the goings on in the English Premier League. This week was another disaster for our self proclaimed ‘senior football analyst’. These were his picks from last week, and the results:

Chelsea v Everton: 3-3

Everton to win, screwed by the gods channeling their ire through the body of an offside John Terry.

Sunday 17th January

Liverpool v Man Utd: 0-1

Liverpool to win, another screw job in a low quality game. David de Gea gets man of the match, naturally. Still to be convinced by Ibe, seems to lack the requisite brain matter, same goes with Firmino in terms of ‘yet to convince’

Stoke V Arsenal: 0-0

Called a draw. The boy done good! Saved at the last from utter ignominy.

We also chat about the Ballon D’or, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent appearance on the Jonathan Ross show.

MMA Corner

Carl reads out a (long) letter from Nik Lentz to BJ Penn. All sports people should speak this way.

Masters Snooker

Absolutely incredible snooker on display this week says Cob. Murphy getting knocked out in the first round after forfeiting a frame – foolish. O’Sullivan has been good, but not at his best says Rob, playing some incredible frames (a clearance of 73 to win a frame which Selby had led with an initial break of 70 and his 5th frame win against a valiant Bingham in the semi-finals). Hawkins, too, has been really impressive. He came into the tournament never having won a single match at the Masters and after a great semi-final win over Judd Trump got trounced 10-1 by O’Sullivan when all was said and done.

Sony Open Golf

Rob’s pick had mixed fates. McDowell missed the cut, Lingmerth didn’t challenge, but Danny Lee heads into the final round with a chance to crack the top 5.

Across the Pond

Seahawks lineman says the American Dream is myth.


Golden State Warriors fall to 37-4……That’s behind the Bulls 96 record for the first time….All of a sudden San Antonio are only 2 games behind in the Western Conference.

Green Bay vs Arizona…..20-13 with a minute to go and Green Bay pull off a 60 yard pass from their own end zone on 4th and 20 with 55 seconds left followed by a 40 yarder with 5 seconds left.

Overtime coin flip….ref fails to flip the coin…just throws it….Cardinals won both coin tosses, and won it in overtime.

The Betting Challenge Standings

Rob: 103 (pending Danny Lee’s finish in the Sony Open, but Valencia v Rayo was a draw)

Cob: 99 (due to getting the Stoke v Arsenal draw at 11/4)

Carl: TBC