Playtech’s Cinerama Slot About to Hit?

If you enjoy playing progressive slot games and fancy doing so today, then maybe Playtech’s Cinerama slot would be a good one to play. The reason for me saying that is its progressive jackpot has been steadily growing for the last 484 days and as such it is now seriously overdue to be won!

The jackpot at the time of compiling this news story was at an amazing €85,141, and considering the average jackpot won on the slot is €44,122 you can see why it may just be worth playing it today.

In fact, the average number of days between its jackpot being won is just 59 days, and as the jackpot was last won over 484 days ago there is no doubt in my mind it is going to finally be won sooner rather than later!

However, keep in mind that the Cinerama slot much like all other Playtech designed and supplied slots is completely random, so it could be won at any moment. It is however a network wide slot meaning that any player playing it at any casino that has it on offer does have a chance of winning that jackpot, but only when they play it in a certain way!

The way you have to play this slot to have a chance of winning its progressive jackpot is by spinning in all five of the jackpot symbols but when playing maximum coin spins. Playing for anything less than the maximum stake level will see you not being able to win the progressive jackpot!

If you have not yet come across and played the Cinerama slot from Playtech let us now give you a quick insight into what the slot has to offer you by way of its pay lines, playing structure and its bonus games and bonus features too.

What is unusual about the slot is that there are only five pay lines spread over its five video reels. However, that does of course mean that when playing maximum bet spins you will not have to spend a small fortune on each spin you play off to have a chance of winning the jackpot payout!

You can trigger not one but two bonus picking games when you spin in the required number of bonus symbols, and keep in mind those bonus games can be high paying ones, so you do have a chance of winning big even if you do not win the progressive jackpot.

One final thing that will probably make you want to play the Cinerama slot game is that it is actually one of the highest paying online progressive slots by virtue of its long term expected payout percentage.

That RTP is a huge 98.94% which is considerably higher than for example any progressive slot game designed by Microgaming.

Make sure you look out for this slot when you are next in a slot playing frame of mind, and double check to see if the jackpot has been won recently before you start to play it!