Player Adjustable Your Gamble Slot Feature

Whilst it is often the main bonus game a slot machine can award you with at various stages in your slot playing session that you will be hoping to trigger, some slot games offer optional features and bonus games to players.

Take for example some of the many slot games on which you can opt to take a gamble game type feature whenever you have spun in a winning combination. The basic aim of that bonus game is of course for you to have a winning outcome when playing it off, and if you do so then your base game winning payout will be doubled or even quadrupled in value.

The way in which most slot game gamble games have been designed sadly does not leave players with a feeling of excitement when they are playing them off! For the vast majority of them will see players simply having to guess if a playing card about to be dealt out on the screen will be red or black or one of the four different suits.

Guessing the suit of the next playing card dealt out on the gamble game screen will see players quadrupling the payout they gambled but guessing the colour correctly will see players doubling the value of that winning payout instead.

The gamble game by its very design is of course a high risk one to take, for if you do not guess the colour or suit correctly then you will lose the amount of cash you gambled, and by continually taking the gamble game feature an ending up having losing outcomes when you do so will see your bankroll very quickly diminish!

However, one company that being Microgaming has recently given a range of their fairly newer slot games a much more interesting and fully configurable gamble game option. Those slots are the series of untamed slot games on which players have full control over how much they gamble when they take the gamble game feature and also have full control over the payout odds when they take that option too.

Those series of untamed slots have what is known as the Your Gamble games attached to them and they are designed in such a way that a player needs to send an arrow spinning that is located inside a globe type animation.

When you choose to take the gamble game option on any of those slots you can first decide how large or small a segment of that globe will be covered in a win zone and a losing zone and also how much you wish to risk on that gamble game.

The larger the segment of the globe you decide to be the win zone the lower the winning payout odds will be, and conversely the smaller the area of that globe you have as the win zone the higher the winning payout odds will be.

Once you have made your selections in regards to the size of the win segment and the amount you wish to gamble you simply send the arrow spinning and will be hoping it does land in the win segment and not the losing segment!