PaySafeCard Offers a Unique Way to Make a Casino Deposit

When you have made the decision that playing at an online casino site is something you fancy doing and you what to play for real money as opposed to playing for free, then you are going to need to select a method that allows you to fund your real money casino account.

There are no shortages of ways that you can make an instant deposit into any casino site however some players are always going to be wary about using for example a credit or debit card.

It should however be pointed out that the banking interfaces at all of our featured and approved casino sites are highly secure, and each of them use the very highest security protocols, and as such all of your credit and/or debit card information is going to be fully encrypted when making a deposit.

But if for one reason or another you would much prefer to use a different banking option and one that will never force you to have to supply a casino with your personal banking information then it may be worth considering PaySafeCard as your preferred casino deposit method.

PaySafeCard is a prepaid voucher system, and to get hold of one of those vouchers you are going to have to visit a local store or retail outlet to purchase them.

You will find that if you live for example in Great Britain any shop that displays a Pay Zone or Pay Point sign outside will sell them, and most other European countries have them available, and you can buy them at any store at which you can top up a mobile phone.

I have also seen PaySafeCard’s for sale in countries such as Spain via vending machines! You will however need to pay for those vouchers in cash, and you can buy them for a range of different values too.

When buying them you will hand over you cash and you will then be presented with a voucher on which the price you paid for that voucher will be displayed and also a long unique PIN will be printed on the front of the voucher too.

The way in which you get those funds added to your casino account is very easy to understand, for you simply long into your chosen casino account, launch the banking interface, select the PaySafeCard deposit option and then enter both the amount you paid for that voucher and the PIN into the banking interface click OK and then your credits are added to your account instantly.

As you can only ever spend the face value of each voucher you are never going to run the risk of over-spending which is something you could do when depositing via a debt card or a credit card, which is something worth keeping in mind.

But be aware that when depositing via a PaySafeCard voucher if you have a winning session and request a withdrawal you are then going to have to select a different payment method other than PaySafeCard to receive your winning payout by, as it is a deposit only option.