Overly Generous Casino Comp Clubs Are Hard to Find!

If you are a regular visitor to quite a number of different land based brick and mortar casinos in many countries of the world, there is a very good chance that you are a member of several different casino comp clubs or players clubs as they are also known.

By getting a players card at any and all casinos you visit and gamble at, then you will often open the flood gates in regards to special offers, free slot play, comped food and drink and even free accommodation too, if the casino you are playing at does have a hotel attached to it.

I personally visit Vegas several times a year and I haven’t paid for a room or suite for many years, as my Casino Hosts always look after me and ensure I have a room or suite waiting for me when I arrive all of which is on the house of course!

However, when you play online it is a much more impersonal type of gaming experience you will have, for you never meet any of the casino employees, and many online casino hosts tend to only send out email initiations for their players to make a deposit and play and claim a bonus, with no interaction with those players other than that simple email with a bonus offer inside.

Also the comp club schemes and loyalty programs many online casino sites have on offer these days are by no stretch of the imagination rewarding ones, for many casino sites run with the standard comp club scheme provided from their gaming platform provider, and as such many casinos all offer the exact same type of clomp club as their respective sites.

It can however pay dividends for you to actually take a step back and carefully compare just what a range of different casino sites are going to be offering you as a real money player.

You do need to look further than any casinos initial welcome bonus offer, for it is when you take a good look at how each casinos comp club and loyalty scheme has been designed that you will then discover which of them are going to be rewarding your real money gaming action in a much more generous way.

If you do gamble regularly online then my advice would be for you to sign up to a casino site that has a multi tiered type of comp club scheme or loyalty program in place, for by concentrating your gaming efforts at such a casino, instead of playing a several of them you will rise up through each tier of those schemes and clubs much quicker.

However, do also make a note of and compare just what the benefits of rising through those tiers are, for you can often find you get more points per wager placed and also benefit from a much lower redemption rates too, so there are many benefits of signing up to a casino offering such a loyalty club.