Optional Variance Slot Bonus Games on the Increase

One thing you are going to notice on some of the newer slot games that get launched at several different online casino sites, is that quite a few of them will be offering a free spins type of bonus game on which you can select the variance you have in play for the duration of that bonus game.

There are of course some much older slots such as the Loaded Slot from Microgaming on which, once you have triggered the bonus game you get to pick from three different ways for your free spins to play off.

On that particular slot the options are 12 free spins on x4 multipliers, 16 free spins on x3 multipliers or 24 free spins on x2 multipliers, obviously the higher the multiplier on the option you do select the higher the level of risk you will have in play.

However, the newer video slots offering a multi-pick type of bonus game will offer you a different number of free spins but also on a different playing structure.

As such, the base game of those slots may be for example a 243 ways to win slot, and when the bonus game feature round has been awarded to you then that will be one of the options in regards to the playing structure you will have in play for the duration of your free spins.

But by taking one of the other options you will be playing off a smaller number of free spins but by doing so you will have possibly a 1024 or even a 3125 playing structure in play.

The best aspect of those new slots is that you do have huge win potential when playing off the bonus free spins game, when selecting the smaller number of free spins but with the most ways to win in live play.

Just keep in mind that if you do select the higher variance type of playing structure for your free spins bonus game there are never any guarantees that you will win big, in fact you could spin in no winning combinations at all, but it may be a chance worth taking to have the possibility of winning big.

In regards to just which casino and slot game designers release the most slot games each month, there are several different companies such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech who always try and release a good range of brand new slots every single month of the year.

In fact, those three companies also launch their brand new online slot and casino games onto both their online and mobile gaming platforms at the same time, so it doesn’t really matter which playing environment you choose to utilize, you are always going to have access to some fun to play new games.

But always try and set yourself a limit in regards to just how much you gamble when playing online or mobile slot games, as the temptation to spend more than you had intended will always be there!