8 Ball Slot Review

8 Ball Slot Overview


8 Ball Slot Features

  • Pool Theme
  • Old Style Slot
  • 96.86% RTP

8 Ball Slot Basics

  • Game Type : Video Slot
  • Software : Playtech
  • Paylines : 1
  • Jackpot : 2000 Coins
  • Progressive : No

Detailed 8 Ball Slot Review

Always consider just what type of slot games you fancy playing when you are in a slot spinning frame of mind, much more so when logged into a Playtech powered casino site.

We say that due to the simple fact that Playtech do have a wide and very diverse range of different slots all of which offer a completely different type of playing structure and format.

Take for example their 8 Ball slot game, admittedly this is one of their much older slot games and when playing it you only can activate and put into play one single payline. However, it does offer an uncluttered type of playing format and structure and as such you will never get distracted by bonus features and bonus games as it doesn’t have any!

One important decision you will have to make when playing the 8 Ball slot is just how many coins you will wager on its single payline. Playing a one coin spin will see you having the chance of winning an 800 coin jackpot, however by playing two coin spins the jackpot payout is enhanced to 2000 coins.

Bonus Games, Bonus Features and Special Reel Symbols

Being something of a classic slot game you are never going to be sat there playing the 8 Ball slot willing the bonus or scatter symbols to spin in to trigger a bonus game! There are in fact no bonus or scatter symbols and no bonus games on offer on this slot.

What does make something of a refreshing change is that all of the reel symbols in play on its three stepper reel are all Pool Ball themed reels symbols. To win the jackpot you need all three of the matching 8 Ball symbols to line up on the single payline.

However, there is a payout associated with all of the Pool Ball reel symbols and you will also receive a small bonus payout too if you manage to spin in any mix of Stripes or Spotted Pool Balls on the payline.

You can play around with the coin value settings and the maximum one available is 5.00, in the currency you have set your casino account too and as such when playing two coin spins as opposed to one coin spins the maximum stake you can play the 8 Ball slot game for is 10.00 per spin.

Our Opinion of the 8 Ball Slot

We cannot by any stretch of the imagination call the 8 Ball slot and all singing and all dancing slot for it does offer a very basic type of playing structure and format. However, we do know that many people are still on the hunt for some of the older styled classic slot games and as such this is one such slot you may enjoy playing.

The best what to play this slot is of course by playing two coins spins instead of a single coin spin, for the jackpot is enhanced in value when you do play maximum bet spins. With that in mind if you do decide to give it a whirl select a coin value setting that will enable you to be able to afford to play max bet spins!

One little piece of information that you should always be making sure you are aware of and know when playing any slot game online is just how high or low he long term expected payout percentage of those slot games you play are. E think you will always get a fair amount of your stakes returned to you when playing the 8 Ball slot for it has been set to payout an RTP of some 96.86%!