Wild Water Slot Review

Detailed Wild Water Slot Review

Something very unique is on offer to you on the Wild Water slot game form NetEnt, and that is a special set of reel symbols which are all stacked onto the reel strips. The only reel symbols that are not stacked are the scatter and wild symbols.

That does of course mean however that when playing this slot you do have the chance of forming plenty of winning combinations on the reels, and being a 20 fixed payline slot game you are never going to miss out on forming multiple winning combinations when those matching reel symbols do spin in via stacked formation!

There is of course a bonus game you can trigger when playing the Wild Water slot game and that bonus game is reviewed below. If this is a type of slot game you do fancy playing whilst you may not be given the option of altering the number of paylines you do send into live play you do have the ability of playing for a range of different coin values. That means it will be a slot everyone can afford to play online via an instant play gaming platform.

Bonus Games, Bonus Features and Special Reel Symbols

As all of the Character reel symbols are stacked on the reels of the Wild Water slot game, NetEnt have been able to design a special bonus payout that you can be awarded with, in fact there are two very substantial winning payouts associated with those five different reel symbols.

If on any spin you manage to get any mix of those symbols spinning in so that they cover every single reel position on all five reels you will be awarded with a 20 times your wagered amount cash payout. However, if you get each individual Character symbol on each of the five reels the bonus payout is boosted to 200 times the amount you wager and put into play on that spin!

By spinning in three or more of the Surfer scatter symbols you will then trigger the main bonus game. That bonus game is going to be a set of free spins which will play off with the same stakes you have in place on the spin that triggered the feature round.

There is a single spin jackpot payout which you could achieve of an enormous 400,000 coins, so you could win very big indeed when playing this slot online!

Our Opinion of the Wild Water Slot

It is so refreshing to see a slot game designer get rid of the playing card themed reel symbols and finally design a slot on which you will find its own unique set of feel symbols instead!

However, one thing that you may or may not like about this slot game is the way in which all of the main reel symbols are stacked onto the reel strips. However, therein lays your chance of forming a screen full of matching reel symbols every now and then!

Being a fixed payline slot of which we are seeing more and more of them appearing online, you will have to factor that into your staking strategy when playing the Wild Water slot. However with the minimum number of coins being just 20 of them and with coin values as low as 0.01 you will not break the bank playing it for tiny stake amounts!

We like to enlighten you as to the long term RTP’s of every single slot game we have reviewed throughout our website, and as such you will find this slot a very fair paying one as its RTP is set high as 96.40%!