Reel Play Poker Slot Review

Reel Play Poker Overview

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Reel Play Poker Features

  • Poker
  • Unique Playing Structure
  • 96.92%

Reel Play Poker Basics

  • Game Type : Video Slot
  • Software : Microgaming
  • Paylines : 20
  • Jackpot : 8000 Coins
  • Progressive : No

Detailed Reel Play Poker Review

You will never have seen a slot game like the Reel Play Poker slot before, for this slot is completely unique and is a mix of a video poker game and a slot game. That does of course mean you will need to get used to its very unique playing format when playing it!

If you are well versed at playing video poker games and slot games then we think you will soon get used to playing the Real Play Poker game which is a Microgaming designed slot, however if you are not that experienced at laying poker games let us give you an insight into how this slot works and operates.

You will have the option of playing up to 20 paylines and you will also be able to adjust the coin value settings too. When you click onto he spin button a set of five playing cards will appear on the screen and you have the ability of holding them into place

By you holding any card or cards the corresponding reel symbols will then be attached to the corresponding reel. Any cards you do not hold will then be removed and the reel associated with that symbol will then spin. The aim is to make a poker hand on any payline as listed on the pay table of the Reel Play Poker slot game.

Bonus Games, Bonus Features and Special Reel Symbols

There are no bonus games on offer on this slot game, for you will find it operates much like a video poker game. However, as there are quite a number of payouts that can be achieved when playing it you will always have a fair chance of forming any of them listed on the pay table.

However, if you have never played video poker games before then one thing those gaming machines do have on offer that you will also find on offer on this slot game is an auto hold facility.

Instead of you having to spend hours researching which cards you should hold when the initial set of five playing cards have been dealt out to you, what you should do is to turn on the auto hold option settings and the slot will then hold the best and most strategic cards for you automatically.

As such with that option setting activated and turned on and put into play, you are always going to be playing this slot optimally and will never make any playing errors. So keep that in mind if you do ever fancy playing this Reel Play Poker slot game from Microgaming, as you will of course want to have the maximum chances of winning it when playing it online, which you will do with that option setting turned on!

Our Opinion of the Reel Play Poker Slot

Unless you enjoy playing video poker games we feel you are not going to ever get the urge to give the Real Play Poker slot game any amount of play time online, for you do have to have a basic understanding of how video poker games play and pay before playing this slot.

However, as you would expect from all slots designed by Microgaming this one does boost a generous payout percentage that is published as being 96.92%, so it should give you plenty of winning hand combinations when playing it.

Just make sure that you turn on the auto hold option setting we told you about early that way you will never end up missing out on winning hand combination spinning in when you are playing it!