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liberty bell slotWelcome to the section of our site dedicated to the most popular casino game of all, the good old one arm bandit! Slots have come a long since the earliest machines which, believe it or not date back to the 1800s! The old Liberty Bell machine pictured here is pretty much the first ever slot machine.

There are lots of benefits of moving your land based slot playing action online, with there now being so many different casino sites available you are going to come across a huge collection of slot games many of which are guaranteed to appeal to you directly.

Plus thanks to a continuous flow of casino bonuses, slot comps and ongoing promotional offers you really are going to get much better value out of your gaming budget when you choose to play slots online.

Below we have a complete overview of all of the different types of slot games which you will be able to fully access and play online, and you will also find links to some interesting and informative slot playing guides which will enable you to find the best paying online slots.

Eventually we hope to review every slot machine that’s out there, but our slot machine reviewer can only work so fast, so we’re starting out with the top games from the top slot manufacturers. You can click the links below and read about each company, read reviews of some of their most famous slots and in some cases play them for free right here on our website!

Major Slots Manufacturers

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Most Popular Slot Games

The most savvy online slot players will be hunting around from casino to casino to locate the Highest Payout Online Slots for the better paying slots by virtue of the return to player payout percentages, are going to give these players not only longer slot playing sessions but will also give them more chances of winning.

Many slot players will head straight to any new online slots and give them a whirl, and as new slots get released every single month of the year, when you are seeking something new and unique to play you are going to find plenty of new slot games on offer at all of our listed online casino sites.

Slot games can and often do award some truly life changing jackpot payouts, with millions of Pounds, Euros and Dollars being awarded to players who manage to spin in the jackpot paying combinations on the slot reels, however many of the Best Progressive Slots you can access and play online have randomly awarded jackpots which can be won when playing them for any stake level and without players needing to line up a winning combination on the payline.

 It is often the case that many slot players get the urge to play slots when they are out and about, maybe stuck at a train station, on a long journey or even simply walking down the street. Thanks to a new breed of mobile casino sites that are fully compatible with mobile phones and Tablet devices you can now relieve the day to day boredom by playing a wide range of mobile slot games.

Should you be interested in playing slots when you are out and about and are the owner of a Tablet device or one of the latest mobile phones, then do checkout our guide to the very Best Mobile Slots, as there are plenty of slot games you can now play on any mobile device.

How Slot Games Work

At the heart of all online and mobile slot games you will find a random number generator, and it is this that will decide whether any one single spin of the slot reels you set into motion is going to be a winning or a losing one.

As each slot game you can play online or on your mobile phone will come with its own unique set of reels on which all manner of different reel symbols are attached, and as many video slots now come with many different types of bonus games triggered by scatter and/or bonus symbols then it is usually the bonus video slots that are the ones many players prefer to play.

 To help you get a much better understanding of the many different types of Slots Bonus Games we have put together a definitive guide which will enlighten you on how these bonus rounds and bonus features work and play out which will enable you to pick a slot game you fancy playing when you next log on to play at your favourite online or mobile casino site.

There is also a new category of slot game which more and more online casinos are making available to their customers, and these are known as All Ways or All Pays slots, these types of slots have a brand new playing structure and when playing them you can put into play hundreds or even thousands of paylines.

If playing these new slots which offer massive winning potential and plenty of winning opportunities is of interest to you, then please do checkout our guide on Understanding Multiple Payline Slots, as it will give you an idea of how they work, play and operate, and will also let you know why these slots are proving very popular with players.

You may be the type of slot player who insists on playing only the most basic of slot games, such as the Classic slots which offer three mechanical type reels and allow you to put into play just one single payline, or you may be the type of player who prefers the high action video slots.

However there are of course many benefits of each type of slot and should you wish to know the differences of each of these two categories of slot games then look at our article which is titled Classic Slots vs. Video Slots, for it will show you the main selling points and benefits of playing each type of slot.

Playing Slot Tournaments Online

One final way of playing slot games online that may appeal to you if you have only got a modest sized slot playing budget is by taking part in any of the many hundreds of daily Slots Tournaments that a large number of online casino sites now have on offer.

There are some huge cash prizes that can be won throughout the day and night when you enter these slot playing competitions, and as many online slot tournaments are completely free to enter or offer very low entry fees you will have a very real chance of winning some large winning payouts if you take part in an online slot tournament and manage to achieve a high score via your entry!