Online Live Roulette

Online live Roulette in an alternative to playing in land based casino. Sure, online casinos offer a close imitation of the game but when you play on the animated wheels and your chosen numbers do not spin in for a length of time, you are always left wondering whether you are getting a true and honest game.

However, as most players know, when it is not possible to get to a land-based casino this is where Live Casinos come into their own. If you have never seen or played at a live site before then you have really been missing out, as they let you join in the fun and games of playing real Roulette played on real tables with real croupiers and you can do this all from the comfort of your own home!

How they work is relatively simple and that involves them combining state of the art software and a live video stream broadcast from a bricks and mortar site where by players can see the action unfolding in front of their very eyes whilst at the same time placing all their usual wagers for real money onto the table layout.

Microgaming, who are one of the worlds leading casino software companies, are at the forefront of live casino technology and the many casinos using their software now let players choose to play these live casino games of which Roulette plays a major part.

How To Play Online Live Roulette

You have two ways of playing live Roulette at a Microgaming-powered casino like 32 Red and that is privately on your own or with fellow players by launching one of their multi player games, the base game used at Microgaming’s live casinos is European Roulette which the most savvy of you players out there will know offers a low house edge when compared with other Roulette games such as the American version.

To be able to play you will of course have to sign up and register with 32Red which offer live games and there are a couple of ways you can launch them, you can play directly from with in their downloadable casino software or you can launch the live casino directly from the casinos website.

Once you have opened a new player account you need to find a way to transfer funds into the casino and this is a breeze with many options being available, you may prefer to use either a credit or debit card or alternatively you may prefer to use an e-wallet such as Neteller or Skrill, for those players not wanting to use any of these methods then a pre paid voucher system such as Ukash or PaySafeCard offers a very safe and secure way of depositing and one in which you can strictly control your gambling budget.

The games menu in the live casinos is very straight forward and with their only being three different types of card and table games available you won’t have to scroll through hundreds of different games to find the ones you wish to play.

You have two main types of online live Roulette to choose from, either playing on your own on a private table or you may prefer to sit with fellow players at a multi-player live Roulette table, the game plays exactly the same way on both and you are free to choose either of them.

What are Online Live Roulette Stakes, Bets and Payouts?

The minimum and maximum amounts you can wager on the live Roulette games will depend on which room you select as they have several different ones available each offering different stake levels and these are as follows:

Table Limits on the 0.50 to 25.00 tables

Bet Type Minimum Maximum
Straight Up Bet 0.50 25.00
Split Bet 0.50 50.00
Street Bet 0.50 75.00
Corner Bet 0.50 100.00
Line Bet 0.50 150.00
Column/Dozen Bet 0.50 250.00
Even/Odd High/Low Red/Black 0.50 500.00

Table Limits on the 2.00 to 5.00 tables

Bet Type Minimum Maximum
Straight Up Bet 2.00 5.00
Split Bet 2.00 10.00
Street Bet 2.00 15.00
Corner Bet 2.00 20.00
Line Bet 2.00 30.00
Column/Dozen Bet 10.00 100.00
Even/Odd High/Low Red/Black 20.00 200.00

Table Limits on the 5.00 to 10.00 tables

Bet Type Minimum Maximum
Straight Up Bet 5.00 10.00
Split Bet 5.00 20.00
Street Bet 5.00 30.00
Corner Bet 5.00 40.00
Line Bet 5.00 60.00
Column/Dozen Bet 25.00 250.00
Even/Odd High/Low Red/Black 50.00 500.00

Why Play Online Live Roulette?

Trust plays a huge part in whether players will play at any gambling venue and when it comes to playing online any casino is only as good as it reputation dictates, and should you be considering on playing live Roulette then we strongly recommend you try 32 Red, as they have the best reputation in regards to giving players great games, a first class gambling experience and hassle free cash outs and withdrawals.

The very fact that you can monitor everything that is happening around the Roulette table makes playing live Roulette online a more rounded experience than playing at a software driven site, and you will get a more relaxed type of game play at a live casino as opposed to an online casino where the game can play at a furious pace.

You will also discover that playing at a live casino site is a much more social experience due to the fact you can fully interact with both the croupiers and your fellow players, you can of course choose to play at a private table should you be looking for a more solitary gaming experience.

So there you have it, all you need to know about online live roulette. Don’t forget that you can always log on and watch these live games in action as an observer and this is a great way to find out if you like what you see before you make a deposit and give them a try for real money, if you do decide to give them a try then all the best and good luck!

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