Online Gambling in Canada

online gambling in canada flagLong gone have the days when as a gambler based in Canada, you only had a small, limited range of online betting and gambling sites on offer to you. In fact, a very large percentage of people who like to gamble in Canada now do so at one of the many different licensed and regulated sites catering primarily to Canadians. Better still, online gaming in Canada is perfectly legal.

We do however fully know and understand that if you have never gambled before online before, you may be a little unsure as to what to expect when you do so. It is with that in mind that we have put together the following guide for you.

You will find below all of the many different online gambling sites that are going to be offering you a plethora of different betting opportunities and we will also be letting you know just what you should be expecting from any gambling site you do sign up to as a new customer.

Please make sure that you read through this online gambling guide for Canadians in its entirety, for by doing so you will be in a much more informed position to know just what to look out for and demand from any site you are thinking of signing up to and gambling at!

All of the sites we recommend here on the site take Canadian players, and they all have a very good standing and are completely trustworthy.

Online Gambling Sites for Canadians

blue_jays_mariners_baseball-e1437824907156Please take a look through the following section, for if you are still unsure as to just what types of different gambling sites you are going to be able to sign up to and gamble at if based in Candia the following section will enlighten you as to the many different options and gambling sites you can sign up to in a matter of minutes!

Sportsbooks –Whether it’s the NHL, NFL, Blue Jays, or Raptors that has seen you showing an interest in online sports betting, you are going to be very impressed by the range and types of sports related betting opportunities available to you online.

You will not only be able to place a sports bet on any sporting fixture before that event starts but with many online sportsbooks and bookmakers’ sites offering in play betting markets you can also bet on them once they have officially started! Canadian Betting Sites is a great resource for sports betting in Canada.

Casinos – Card games, slot and video poker games and every single type of table game you can think of are going to be offered to you for real money or for free at every single online casino site.

If you are wondering just how you access and play the game son offer you will be bale to play via any web browser instantly or if you wish to have a much larger range of different casino games to play a downloadable casino software platform will allow you to access hundreds upon hundreds of different games.

Poker Rooms – Poker has always been a popular game in Canada and many American professional players moved to Canada when that game was all but outlawed there a few years ago. There are no legal quandaries surrounding online poker in Canada, and as a Canadian player, you will have poker tournaments and cash ring games available to you at a vast range of online poker sites.

In fact, the variety of different poker game variants will impress you as you will have access to Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha Poker and lots of different Stud Poker games too.

Bingo Sites – Do not be under the impression that if you play bingo online is it going to be boring and solitary, for thanks to bingo sites offering chat rooms you are going to have just as much fun and banter as you would do when playing in a local bingo club or bingo hall.

Thousands of differently structured bingo games are on offer every single day of the week and with free and low stake games on offer and with jackpots available, you really should get involved in this fun and exciting bingo playing environment as soon as you can!

Selecting an Online Gambling Site

When it comes to Online Gambling in Canada we would suggest that when looking around for a gambling site at which to sign up and play, you should (at the very least) make sure that site offers you all of the following different features. By doing so you will have an enjoyable gambling experience and will have one that you wish to return to time and time again.

CAD Banking Methods – There are a number of gambling sites that are catering for players and gamblers in many different countries, and as such you need to be aware that some sites may then force you to deposit in a different currency other than Canadian Dollars.

The best rule of thumb is to always avoid those sites as why would you want to lose some of your gambling bankroll being forced to deposit in another currency and then pay forex-related fees and charges on those deposits?

Licensed Sites – Licensed gambling sites are what you should only sign up to and gamble at, believe us when we say that there are way too many risks associated with gambling at unlicensed sites.

By making the very wise decision of only ever signing up to and gambling at licensed sites you will have a first-class gaming experience and never be taking more than the usual risks with your gambling bankroll when you place any type of bet or wager!

Bonuses and Payouts – Two final things to keep in mind when you are hunting around for any type of online gambling site to become a new customer at is that you will never want to have to wait longer than is necessary to be paid out your winnings.

Plus, you will also find many gambling sites are going to reward you with real money gaming action by either giving you generous bonus offers as a new and also as a loyal player – and many sites also have their own unique comp and loyalty clubs that will give you access to even more bonuses and free bets.