Online Blackjack Playing Tips

Blackjack tipsWhen it comes to playing Blackjack online, novice players in particular may be under the impression that the casinos that offer the biggest number of different Blackjack variants may be the best sites at which to play. However the number of Blackjack games offered by a casino online has nothing what so ever to do with the value that those games offer.

The best Blackjack advice we can offer you is to go through each of the leading online casino game software companies, and list their best paying Blackjack games, and by best paying we mean those games which, by virtue of the game playing rules, offers the lowest house edge.

Microgaming Blackjack Playing Tips

The one online casino software company which boasts the most diverse range of Blackjack games available to play via their gaming platform is Microgaming, host to casinos like the ever popular 32Red, you will find plenty of different Blackjack variants on offer, and whilst this list may on first impression seem impressive, a closer inspection of them all reveals some offer very poor value for the player.

The difference in the house edge between their lowest house edge game and their highest one is quite dramatic, and as such the best Blackjack playing tip we can give you when playing at a Microgaming powered online casino is to stick to playing their Classic Blackjack game as it boasts a house edge of just 0.13%, and as a comparison their worst paying Blackjack variant is the Super Fun 21 game which has a house of a huge 0.94%.

Playing Perfect Blackjack – Strategy

To ensure you are always getting the best chance of having a winning session and to get as near to the expected house edge of any Blackjack game listed you should always be playing perfect strategy for the Blackjack variant you are playing. Most online casino software companies build this into their Blackjack games when you set them to play themselves via the Auto Play facility.

However some software companies do not, and as such you should ensure you know the perfect strategy for the Blackjack game you are playing, this is not too hard to do as many sites offer Blackjack strategy cards which can be downloaded for free, so one handy Blackjack playing tip is to get one of these strategy cards so you know every single move to make and play.

Playtech Blackjack Playing Tips

Sometimes it is the more unusual Blackjack variants found online that can offer the best playing value, and this is a very true statement in regards to the Blackjack variants you will find available at Playtech software powered casinos like Bet365, which offer a small yet diverse collection of Blackjack games.

One of these games is known as the Blackjack Switch game, and this one is slightly unusual in that you are playing, on each game you play, not one but two hands, however this game lets you do something no other Blackjack game permits, and that is to swap cards between your two hands.

By virtue of this highly unusual player move the house edge on this game is massively lower than all other Playtech Blackjack games, and as such it is a tiny 0.16%, therefore our Playtech Blackjack playing tip is for you to forget about playing any of their other Blackjack games and stick to playing this one!

Real Time Gaming Blackjack Playing Tips

The online casino software company Real Time Gaming offer something to their licensees which not many other providers offer, and this allows these licensees to alter the number of decks in play on each of their Blackjack games.

This means that when it comes to offering you a Real Time Gaming Blackjack playing tip we recommend you carefully choose which site powered by this software you choose to play at, as by altering the number of cards in play in the shoe will have a very dramatic effect on the house edge each of their Blackjack variants offer.

The number of decks they can choose from is from four to eight, and as such we suggest you find and only play at casinos which have the lowest number of decks in play in each shoe, this may be easier said than done, so some investigation work is required by players!

Should you be lucky enough to find a Real Time Gaming powered casino offering the four deck Blackjack games, then the two lowest house edge variants are the games of European Blackjack and Standard Blackjack which, when both played with perfect strategy offer a house edge of 0.57%.

Wagerworks Blackjack Playing Tips

The online casino game software provider and game designer Wagerworks have some of the more exotic types of Blackjack games you can find online, many of them offer a sidebet type of playing structure where you will receive additional bonus payouts for being dealt certain hands.

Should you be seeking a Wagerworks Blackjack playing tip then as usual we suggest you first play using perfect strategy and then stick to playing either their Hot Streak Blackjack variant or their Power Blackjack game, as both of these offer the lowest house edge, which both come in at a respectable 0.23%. so either of these games are suggested when playing at Wagerworks sites.

NetEnt Blackjack Playing Tips

The main attraction of playing Blackjack at an online casino powered by NetEnt software is that they do not require you to download any software, as their entire gaming suite is flash powered and lets you play their games instantly, stake levels are available to suit all budgets with both low and high table stake limits, so you will always find a table to suit your bankroll.

However when it comes to playing Blackjack at NetEnt sites then make sure the only variant you play is their Standard Blackjack game as this boasts the lowest house edge of any of their Blackjack games, and this house edge is a modest 0.40%, but only when you play with perfect strategy!