Olympics Betting – Bet on Rio 2016

rio olympics logoWith the Rio 2016 Olympic Games just around the corner, bookmakers and avid sports bettors alike are gearing up for what is always a huge event in the betting calendar; so much so that all of the major bookmakers typically report higher profits in Olympic years. It’s likely that the local US and UK bookies will have a better year than ever with most events taking place during waking hours for sports bettors in Europe and the USA.

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What Can I Bet On at Rio 2016?

The short answer to this question is ‘everything’. Before the Games start, most sports books will offer you the opportunity to bet on markets like ‘Most Gold Medals’ and will have ante post markets up for the big events like the men’s 100m (where a certain Usain Bolt is favourite at odds of 8/13), or the Men’s Tennis (Djokovic is the fav here at Evens).

When the curtain raises on the Games on Friday August 5th 2016, the Olympics betting markets will really take off and you’ll be able to bet on virtually every event from archery to swimming and pursuit cycling to rhythmic gymnastics. Not only that, but for many sports you’ll be able to bet in-play, meaning that you can continue to place bets on the changing odds while the event is taking place. Beware though, you’ll probably need to be pretty quick to do this during the 100m!

Making Money at Olympics Betting

If you want to make big money betting on the Olympics, your work starts now. The first thing you need to do if you want to succeed is to completely avoid the big events. Forget about basketball, tennis and athletics and zone in on the lesser known sports. The sports books have huge teams working on the big sports all year round, and they’re simply not going to make big mistakes in these flagship events. What they don’t do is give due consideration to the smaller events, and why would they since not too many people are going to bet on them?

This is where you come in. From now until the start of August, pick a few sports and do a lot of research on them. If Judo is your thing, then keep an eye on how all of the contestants have been doing in build up competitions, read up on reports and possible injuries and keep a detailed log on past results between fighters who are likely to come up against each other in London. Every sport keeps detailed records now so that makes your research a little bit easier. For example in Judo you can visit http://www.intjudo.eu/ for all of the past results and news from the sport. If you focus on weightlifting, make sure you know the personal bests of all of the competitors and if you can find some weightlifting competitions on some of the more obscure sports channels over the Summer, pay attention and learn the traits of the main players. If you know when their technique is starting to falter, this will give you a huge edge when it comes to in-play betting during the medal events. Even if you can’t find it on TV, again you could visit http://www.iwf.net/results/results-by-events/ to do your research.

Not doing research is the NUMBER ONE reason why people don’t make money at sports betting.

Unfortunately there really is no such thing as a free lunch, and if you don’t want to line the bookmaker’s pockets so they can buy another Bentley then you have to do your research. If you want to bet purely to have an interest in an event then by all means bet on Usain Bolt at whatever stingy price they’ll offer but trust me it’s much more fun to get one over on the sports books by taking them for a tidy sum in the sailing events!

Remember to stick to your plan. Choose no more than 3 or 4 Olympic events to bet on and know them well. The temptation will be there to bet on random events on the days where your sports aren’t on, but avoid it. Use these days to do even more research on your chosen areas. Also, don’t forget to manage your money well. Ideally, you should set aside an Olympics betting bankroll to fund your bets on the Games and make sure to never go above putting more than 5% of it on any individual market. In fact, closer to the 3% on anything you’re not almost certain of is a good idea. If you stick to these tips, there’s no reason why you won’t make money and enjoy the games!