NFL Sunday Night Preview: Packers vs. Broncos

Packers-BroncosTonight will be a historic matchup of unbeatens in Denver. This game can be considered a match up of the Titans. Both teams are a stunning 6-0. And tonight it will come down to a game of wills to see who wants to keep their streak going more.

The Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers had a brutal record on the road last year, he was a 0-4 against top-five defenses, and that includes the playoffs. Currently, the Broncos lead the NFL in total defense, ranking second in the fewest points allowed in the league. Tonight will most likely be a low scoring defensive struggle. And that’s an interesting statement to make when you consider who the QBs are: Rodgers vs. Manning.

For the Denver Broncos, no doubt they will be looking for more from their QB, more than they’ve gotten to this point from Manning. The offensive line in front of him has to be better and stronger. As the team’s been struggling with their run game of late, if they want to win. The Broncos’ defense has the power to limit the Packers’ run game and limit Rodgers’ ability to get the ball to wide receiver Randall Cobb. If they can do that, they will be set to move to a 7-0 record. The Broncos also have an amazing record at gome in the regular season of 24-2 since Manning signed with the team in 2012, so they will protect their territory fiercely.

But many have noticed that the Broncos have has some trouble with their quarterback, who it seems has been giving the Broncos’ championship-caliber defense consistent trouble. Even though he’s been waering the same jersey as Von Miller, Brandon Marshall and the rest of the Denver defenders, Manning has been their worst enemy at time. He has three interceptions returned for touchdowns that accounts for 20 of the 102 points allowed by Denver this season. The team’s turnovers have led to 34 points against, over all.

And due to these inconsistences, Denver fans are not praising their team who are undefeated, instead they are expecting the bottom to drop out.

Take away expectations those ‘Manning mistakes’ and Denver is a team that has allowed an NFL-low of 281.3 yards a game, being second in the league in points allowed, with an average of 17. Where have they run into trouble? Their rushing game is basically nonexistent, so they’ve been relying on an aerial attacks that produce yardage but also allow for a lot of turnover. They have a decent average of 23.2 points a game, but to carry them through to the playoffs they need to get their offensive game going.

Instead, by focusing on their defense, rather than their quarterback, they can be compared to a stripped down version the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the 2000 Baltimore Ravens, teams that went on to win Super Bowls. But you can’t do that without a little more offense. The upcoming games in November are going to show just that, is the Denver defense ables to carry the team all the way or has it been benefiting from subpar competition? It will be a tough month with tonight’s opening game against Green Bay and ending November playing New England.

The Packers are more like the team that the Broncos have wanted to become for a while and thought they could be when the season started. Unlike Denver, no one is questioning Green Bay’s perfect record. Aaron Rodgers is on fire, continuing to produce offensively despite several injuries to his wide receivers and running backs. His throws are hitting their marks. On the flipside, their defense is allowing only 16.8 points a game, a record that trails only Denver’s.

But that doesn’t mean GB is perfect, they do have some cracks in their masks. Rodgers got a reality check since his incredible Week 3 performance against Kansas City. Eddie Lacy is still nursing a sore ankle and their defense that, though excellent, is most likely playing over its head. Still, Green Bay has an advantage even on the road and they will have something to prove if they want to stay on top.

So is it reckoning day? We think so, for home? Denver. Their lack of offensive prowl will shoot them in the foot and Manning won’t match up to Rogers tonight because he simply is not in his top shape.

Our Pick: Packers over Broncos, 20-14