New Online Slots for 2014

slotsThere are many things that you can be guaranteed of in life, sadly death and taxes are the two which many people never look forward to! However, in regards to playing online slot games then another thing that can be guaranteed is that every single month of the year a brand new range of slot games will go live.

Whilst it is quite true to say that some slot game designers and online casino software companies usually only bring out a set of cloned slot games when they launch new online slots, these being slots which are for all intents and purposes simply copies of their earlier released slot games.

These cloned slots will of course come with a different theme and a different set of reel symbols, but offer the same bonus game features and payouts. Some slot game designers do occasionally release a completely unique type of slot game the like of which you will never have come across before.

With this in mind and to allow you to track down and play some of the most unique types of online slot games, below we have put together a listing of several new slot game releases along with listing a range of unique features that many of the brand new online slots now boast.

Slots Boasting New Features and Unique Structures

You will find below a range of slot games and slot game bonus features that you probably will have never played before, these slot games have been handpicked as they are all unique yet readily available as they are all from some of the most commonly used online casino gaming platforms.

Retro Reels Slot – Microgaming have launched a unique range of slot games which are classed as their Retro Reel series of slots, now on the face of it these slot games play much like any other type of video slot, in as much as they are multi line, multi stake slot games which offer the usual types of bonus games such as free spins.

However once you have played off any single spin you are then given the option of playing your next spin not as a usual slot spin where all five reels get set into live play, but you can instead choose just one of the five reels to spin with the remaining four locked into position.

Each single reel will come with a unique stake option which you will have to pay for re-spinning that single reel, and the aim of this Respin feature is that once you have set just one of the reels spinning, when it finally comes to a stop new winning combination is formed.

retro reels

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Love Boat Slot – Playtech really have thrown the slot design manual out of the window in regards to their new Love Boat slot, for when you are playing this slot game you will be not only hoping that you spin in a set of winning combinations on the paylines or trigger the slots bonus game feature, but you will also be hoping to spin in a special reel symbol.

When you play this Love Boat slot online for real money you will be accumulating raffle tickets once a certain reel symbol drops into view, and these raffle tickets will enter you into a special $10k raffle held each week!

So quite out of the blue, once you have played this slot and accumulated those raffle tickets you could log into your casino account and find a huge amount of cash sat there waiting for you to cash out, that is of course if one of your raffle tickets is drawn out as the winning weekly Dream Jackpot ticket!


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Licensed and Branded Slots – It is no secret that the most popular types of slot games which players are instantly attracted to are those which come with a very familiar theme. This is something which every single online casino game designing company knows only too well and as such you will always find a steady stream of brand new slots which are themed and completely designed around famous people, films, books and even sporting events.

Recently we have seen some excellent examples of fully licensed and branded slot games being released, and have got word of some brand new slots which are currently in development. So if you are hunting around for a few slots to play now or in the very near future do look out for the Jurassic Park and Terminator 2 themed slots which are currently being designed by Microgaming as announced at the 2014 ICE Exhibition.

terminator slot

Other new online slots which are now live and ready to play online include Playtech’s Iron Man 3 slot game which is the third slot in their Iron Man series and a slot offering several randomly awarded progressive jackpots.

Other recent branded and licensed online slot game releases worthy of note from Playtech are their Rocky slot, their Pink Panther slot and both their The Soprano’s and John Wayne slots. Plus they have also just launched a Marilyn Monroe slot, and no prizes for guessing which Blonde Bombshell is the star of this bonus game awarding video slot game!

Again, all of these games are available at Bet365 Casino

Multi Player Slots – One final category of new online slot games which may be of interest to a lot of slot players are the Multi Player slots which have started to appear online in growing numbers. The main attraction of these newly structured Multi Player slots is that you are playing in a much more community based style.

For when playing these new slots you will be sat playing with other slot players who you can chat too via a chat room, and not only that but as these games are all interlinked, when one players triggers a bonus game round then every other player sat around and playing that particular slot game get to play that bonus round out themselves, at the same time!

Microgaming has a number of these new Multi Player slots which include slots such as the Multi Player Isis game and their highly playable Multi Player No Worries slot.