New Online Bingo Sites

Each year, upwards of 100 new online bingo sites open themselves up for business.  Whilst numerous new bingo sites emerge, they are not all successful ventures.  Many of them do pan out to become fully matured sites, but it does take planning, association, and focused effort in order to achieve such successes. 

Here at the Online Gambling Bible we’re always keeping an eye on new bingo sites and of the recent additions to the online bingo world, we think that Big Brother Bingo is probably the most fun site to play on.

So how can you tell the good from the bad? Whilst it would be extremely time consuming for you to conduct all the necessary research for every new bingo site coming to market, we have taken on the responsibility of doing so on your behalf.  When each new bingo site comes to market, we look at all of the important stuff like how good the software is, how big the deposit bonuses are, and what sort of promotions the sites runs, so we can assist you in finding the fun, successful, and reliable sites.  The new online bingo sites you see listed on our portal are all such sites.  We avoid suggesting sites we believe might be destined to fail.  Thus, you can expect that any bingo site you see listed here (new or old) is of the highest character and ones we believe are and will be successful and around for many years to come.

Successful New Bingo Sites

A new bingo site’s success can often be determined in the planning stages.  Whilst some may see this as a simple task, we assure you that extensive planning is required before a new site is launched.  A company wishing to launch a new bingo site must figure out how they intend to separate themselves from the pack.  More specifically, they must decide upon what they are going to offer that is attractive enough to bring in new players to their newly launched bingo site.  They must also come up with a marketing plan and team to get the word out, deciding how they plan to attract players, how they are going to retain players, and how they‘re going to get their players to rave about their experiences.  By comparison, a site that merely rests on their laurels and does little to distinguish themselves will not be successful in the long run.

In addition to planning the acquisition and retention of players, new online bingo sites need to acquire a platform to offer their games.  Are they going to join a network like Dragonfish or are they going to develop their own software?  If joining an existing network of bingo sites, the new site has existing games to offer and their fellow networked sites bring their player base.  Thus, most new online bingo sites will choose the route of joining a network in the early stages to ensure that their games will get off the ground.

Online bingo sites require licencing.  Is the new bingo site going to acquire their own licence or are they going to piggyback off the licence of an existing operator?  Network operators like Dragonfish offer licensing, payment processing, and various levels of administration to potential network members.  This gives a new site instant credibility via their gaming licence in addition to providing the software, payment processor, and general administration.  Whilst collaborating up with Dragonfish admin for these purposes, it is still up to the new bingo site to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack in terms of acquiring and retaining players.

It Takes Money to Open a New Online Bingo Site

All of the above requires a significant amount of money in the early stages to launch a successful new online bingo site.  Whether developing your own software or buying into a network, it takes money to do either.  Additionally, licences cost money and a competent staff surely requires a pay check of some sort.  The new site also needs money set aside for their marketing budget and they should have additional funds set aside for paying out players and guaranteeing prizes.  In order to fund the launch of a new bingo site properly, a company needs to set aside a significant amount of money.  Failing to do so will surely result in failure. For this reason, if you’re thinking about playing at a new site, you should do your research and make sure the site comes with recommendations from online gaming experts like us here at the Online Gambling Bible!