New Ice Cave Slot from Playtech with an Optional Bonus Bet

You are going to have to make a decision when paying the New Ice Cave slot from Playtech. That decision will be whether to activate the bonus bet or not!

This Viking themed slot is one on which you are forced to have all 20 of its pay lines activated in play, and as such it is of course a fixed pay line slot. But by placing that bonus bet and paying an additional 50% of your base game stake amount you will then see additional wild symbols being added to reel number five.

Whether you play with those additional Wild symbols in play on the end reel or not, they will always be attached to reels three and four, and when any of them have been spun in and help you form any winning combinations the payouts associated with those winning payouts are instantly tripled in value.

However, those symbols will then stay locked onto the reel positions they spun in on until such a time that the Hammer Wild symbol spins in, and when it does it will then unlock and remove them from the screen!

The Hammer symbols are only found on reel two, so whilst they can stand in for any reel symbols you will be hoping it doesn’t spin in when you have the Ice Wilds symbols currently locked onto any reel positions.

There are no additional bonus games or bonus features that can or will be triggered when you are playing the Ice Cave slot, as all of the action does revolve around those wild symbols.

But that does make it something of a fast playing slot and one that you can quickly warm to, if you are not particularly looking for a slot game to pay that offers free spins or pick and win or even wheel spinning bonus games and features.

The staking options are adjustable as you would expect, and this slot is now live on both the online and mobile gaming platforms offered at any casino sites carrying the Playtech range of slot games.

Whether or not you do put into play that bonus side bet is of course up to you, however there is no increase in regards to the long term expected payout percentage if you do place that additional side bet wager, and as such there is no financial incentive to do so.

However, by placing that bonus bet you will get the added advantage of getting those extra wild symbols being added to the end reel.

Maybe you should give this slot some play time for free initially as by doing so you can play it with and without the bonus bet activated and put into play to see just which way you will enjoy playing it most, if you do then go onto to playing it for real money.

The one additional piece of information that you will need to know about this slot to make an informed decision as to whether it is worth playing is its RTP, and as such we are happy to let you know it does offer a long term payout percentage of some 96.13%!