New Day of the Dead Inspired Slot

It would appear that no theme is sacred from slot game and slot machine designers, and with that in mind allow us to introduce you to one of the more unusual slots that Microgaming have launched in recent years, that being their Beautiful Bones slot!

This slot is part of their June 2017 collection of brand new slots, and apart from its theme which may or may not appeal to you, there is much more to this slot that first meets the eye.

It runs on the 243 ways to win engine that has proven very popular with players, and as such whenever you send its reel spinning you simply have to spin in at least three matching reel symbols on the first three reels to be guaranteed of having those symbols covered by one of the 243 ways to win.

The stake levels are as usual fully adjustable, however keep in mind that you will not be placing 243 individual wagers when playing this slot instead just one small number of coins is required to be wagered to have every single way to win covered, which does make it a very affordable slot game to play!

By playing off a base game spin and lining up a three of a kind winning combination you will find that you will then trigger a special re-spins feature. Once triggered wild symbols can be added to the reels and locked into position and then the re-spin will play off.

You can be awarded up to four re-spins each time you spin in a three of a kind winning combination which does increase your chances of winning thanks to those locked in place wild symbols and the 243 ways to win playing structure.

However, it is the main bonus game that we think is going to interest you the most about the Beautiful Bones slot game, for as you are playing the base game you can spin in a special set of scatter symbols located on reels one and five.

You will find that whenever any number of them has been spun in they will be collected up and placed in the Sugar Skulls Meter located at the side of the slot game screen. You will then need to get at least 10 of them saved up over any period of time and by doing so you can then exchange them for 10 free spins which play off with x3 multipliers attached.

However, if you prefer you can choose not to exchange them but wait until you have amassed 20 of them and by doing so you can then exchange them for 15 free spins on which are going to play off with x4 multipliers attached to each of them.

If you want to try for a huge winning payout you can choose not to exchange 10 or 20 of those scatter symbols for free spins but wait until you accumulate 30 of them and then exchange them for 18 free spins on which x5 multipliers are attached to them!