Mobile Phone Poker Sites

Playing poker on the go through dedicated mobile phone poker sites is the next big thing in the gaming industry. Smart phones and Tablets have now reached a high enough level of processing power that they can handle fully functional poker clients, and the real money online poker companies are doing all they can to take advantage the functionality of these devices. Amazingly, there are over 1.1 Billion mobile data connections active across the world, which is more than there are fixed line telephones. This is a a huge market for online poker rooms and they’re fighting to stay ahead in the booming marketplace.

Choosing a Mobile Phone Poker Site

There are are few things you need to be aware of when choosing a mobile phone poker site as some are much better than others. Many phone poker apps are in the early stages of development and so have reduced functionality while others are just poor efforts. Here are some of the things you need to consider, and the best sites in each category.


The software which the company offers is very important. Given that you’re going to be playing on a very small screen, you need a product that best takes advantage of the limited space and provides you with a clear and stable client. Only a few poker sites have dedicated Android and iPhone apps at the moment, and these are preferred over the in-browser offering that some other sites have come out with at the moment. As things stand, 888 poker currently offers the best mobile poker software, allowing you to play cash games up to $3/$6 No Limit Holdem with intuitive and easy to use controls.

Best Mobile Poker Site

  • Worst Players
  • Good VIP Deals
  • Nice Software
888 mobile software

888’s Mobile Poker App

Soft Games

While most of us play poker for fun, we of course also want to make money while we’re playing and to do that, we need to play at the softest sites. At the moment, thanks to their heavy marketing campaign and high volume of players coming from the casino and sports betting sites, 888 Poker is by far the softest poker room online. Playing on 888 poker’s new mobile client puts you into the same fishy player pool as people who are playing on their PC’s and as far as mobile poker goes, it doesn’t get any easier than 888 when it comes to being a winner.

Traffic/ Volume of Hands

There used to be an interesting product called Terminal Poker, which put you into a pool of players rather than at a single table. As soon as you fold your hand at one table, you’d immediately be moved to another table with other players who have just folded and a new hand begins. This meant you got far more hands per hour in than you would do at a conventional online poker table. This is great when playing on a mobile as your attention is focused on the game, unlike playing on a PC where you can browse the internet etc. when you’re not involved in a hand.

The problem with Terminal Poker, however, was that it was a little known site and at stakes above $0.05/$0.10 the player pool were quite small, sometimes not big enough to even fill one table. The players that did play at Terminal Poker however, were usually very bad.  Unfortunately, that site has now closed down.

If you’re looking for a site with more traffic and a good selection of games around the clock then you’re better off going with 888 poker. This site has a huge poker room with  a player pool in the thousands, meaning you’ll never be left waiting for a game. 

Downside to Mobile Poker Sites

The one difficulty that the poker companies are having with mobile players is the registration process. Plenty of players browsing the internet on their Androids or iPhones make it to a poker site and then give up when it comes to registering all of their information as very few people can be bothered to fill out a long form on a smart phone where it can be difficult to type quickly and navigate through the page. We think you’re better off finding the place you want to play at and registering an account on your computer, and then simply downloading the mobile software and logging in on your phone. That way you’re ready to play straight away.