Microgaming’s Slot Tournaments worth Entering!

If you are a regular player at casino sites using Microgaming’s gaming platform, but tend to use their mobile or instant play platform, then you may be blissfully unaware that there is a way of accessing lots of daily, weekly and monthly slot tournaments!

To access them however you will need to sign into your account using their fully downloadable gaming platform. It shouldn’t take too long for you to download and then install that gaming platform but by doing so you will then have access to lots of differently structured slot tournaments.

Possibly their freeroll daily slot tournaments will appeal to you the most, and how you access them is by logging into that downloadable gaming platform and then clicking onto the multi-player games tab on the games menu.

You will then be given a complete overview of all up and coming slot tournaments, and there will be a range of free ones that you can register to take part in each day. Be aware though that if you have never entered their slot tournaments before you will be prompted to register a new slot tournament username.

That username will then allow you to see where you stand on each slot tournaments Leaderboard that you have entered. The daily freeroll tournaments will cost you nothing to enter but will give you the chance of winning real money or bonus credits if you do achieve the highest score needed to pick up a prize on any tournament you have entered.

Not only are there going to be freerolls to enter, but there will always be a huge number of paid to enter slot tournaments too. The structure of each tournament you will find available each day will be different, but all of the relevant information will be found alongside each tournament listed.

A few terms and sayings that you will need to be aware of when entering any of their slot tournaments include an Add-On, that is an option you will be given once you have taken your initial entry, and by paying another entry fee you will be given more time and tournament credits to continue playing form the point in time you finished your last entry.

You should consider taking an Add-on if there is a good chance that by taking it you will achieve a higher score that will move you up to a prize paying positions on the Leaderboard.

You will also come across some slot tournaments at Microgaming powered casino sites using their fully downloadable gaming platform on which you will be given the option of taking something known as a Re-Buy.

Once again you will be required to pay another entry fee when taking that option, but by doing so your initial score and entry on that slot tournament will be voided out and you will then be able to take that initial entry a second time, in the hope that by doing so you manage to achieve a much better score than your initial entry!