Golden Goose Totem Treasure Slot Review

Totem Treasure Overview

totem treasure
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Totem Treasure Features

  • Native American Theme
  • Lots of Bonus Games
  • 95.1% RTP

Totem Treasure Basics

  • Game Type : Video Slot
  • Software : Microgaming
  • Payines : 20
  • Jackpot : 12,000 Coins
  • Progressive : No

Totem Treasure Free Play (Desktop Only)

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Detailed Totem Treasure Review

There are two Totem Treasure slots you can play at Microgaming powered casinos, the first one is a very basic slot offering just five reels and no bonus games. However, there is a second slot which you are much more likely to find appealing and that is the Golden Goose Totem Treasure slot.

That second slot comes with 20 optional pay lines, and is in fact part of a four game series of slots which all share a very unique playing structure. When playing this slot you will have the option of placing an optional side bet alongside your base game stake which gives you the chance of triggering four different main bonus games!

In fact, irrespective of whether you do place that bonus bet or not, you do have the chance of winning a mega sized base game jackpot which is a 12,000 coin per coin per line jackpot awarded when five of the Indian Wild symbols line up from left to right on any activated payline.

The bonus games are however worth triggering so it may be beneficial for you to place that bonus bet option, and below is an overview as to how each of them will play off.

Bonus Games, Bonus Features and Special Reel Symbols

The way in which Microgaming have designed the Golden Goose Totem Treasure slot game is such that you can opt to play it and never have any of the bonus games triggering, or if you prefer you can play it in such a way that the bonus games of which there are four can be triggered and awarded to you but completely randomly.

To have the chance of being awarded with one of four quite different bonus games you need to place an optional side bet wager alongside the base game stakes you are playing this slot game for!

Once you do start to play off any number of base game spins with the bonus bet activated and in play then once the reels of each base game spin stop spinning one of four bonus features could be randomly awarded to you.

Those bonus games include three picking games on which cash free spins can be awarded to you, or the fourth bonus game will see a Goose randomly walk across the screen, lay and egg and the egg will then crack open to reveal a cash prize which is yours to keep!

Our Opinion of the Golden Goose Totem Treasure Slot

It is very true to say that you get what you pay for, and that saying is worth keeping in mind if and when you do decide to play the Golden Goose Totem Treasure slot, for if you do not place the side bet wager then you will not get any of the bonus games being awarded to you!

If you do not wish to place that bonus bet you are of course under no obligation to do so and you will have just as much chance of winning any of the winning payouts listed on the pay table of this slot.

In fact, having checked through the rules of this slot game there is no difference in regards to the long term expected payout percentage the slot plays and pays out to when placing the bonus bet or not.

So it is of course up to you whether you place that bonus bet or not, but you will have something of a much more exciting and entertaining slot playing session if you do so, the RTP for reference one this slot is 95.10%!