Microgaming Launch Their Wacky Panda Slot

I remember a time when the only slot machines you would find designed by Microgaming were single line and multi line three reel slots, however that was a long time ago, and they are now best famed for their range of high tech video slots of course.

But they do appear to have taken a step back in time with the launch of one of their latest slot game releases, that being the Wacky Panda slot. For that slot has been designed as a very basic playing single line classic slot, having said that though it may be a slot you find appealing!

The Wacky Panda slot offers players several different coin value settings, so if you do decide to give it a whirl then pick one that allows you to play three coins spins, and the reason for me saying that is the jackpot is boosted in value when you do play maximum coin spins!

By playing just one single coin on your chosen coin value setting the most you can win from a single spin is 1000 coins, increase the number of coins to two per spin and the jackpot doubles in value to 2000 coins. But playing three coin spins the jackpot is a much higher 3333 coins instead!

Being a Microgaming slot, one thing you will discover about the Wacky Panda slot game is that there are many different option settings that you can choose to activate and fiddle about with and one of them is the auto play setting.

If that is a setting you wish to make use of then just click onto the auto play button and then you will be able to chose from a range of settings unique to the auto play feature in regards to the number of spins you want the game to play itself and also the stake levels you want to have in play on each of those spins too.

To get to take advantage of that enhanced jackpot payout you may find that by playing this slot you have to play it for slightly higher stakes than you normally play similar classic slot games for, but there is a way to boost the value of your bankroll!

That is simply by signing up to either an online or mobile casino site that offers Microgaming’s range of games, and then claiming those sites new player sign up welcome bonus offers. Try and make use of high valued deposit match bonuses as they do tend to offer more playing value.

A free play version of this and all other non progressive jackpot paying slots available at casinos offering player the range of Microgaming slots, so if you have any reservations about playing it straight away for real money you can always play it for free initially!

Either way, I am convinced that when you do want to take things nice and easy and play a non complicated slot the Wacky Panda will deliver to you such a playing experience and it may be an experience you enjoy too!