Microgaming Classic Blackjack

microgaming classic blackjack tableThe only reason you are going to playing any casino game is to hopefully end any session in profit! Many people will say they only gamble for entertainment, excitement or to pass some time but when playing games such as Blackjack as it is a game of both chance and skill we know the real reason anyone will be playing any variant of Blackjack is to win.

However, when you sign up to any online casino site these days, whether it is a mobile casino or online casino you are going to find quite a varied selection of different Blackjack games, and if you are a new or novice Blackjack player you will possibly be blissfully unaware of what makes one game more appealing than another.

With that in mind we would like to introduce you to a Blackjack game variant that is readily available, however it is going to be a game that when played perfectly using the very best strategy is going to be giving you the maximum chances of winning due to the tiny house edge that can be achieved whenever you play it online.

That game is the single hand Classic Blackjack game that you will find on offer at any casino site that offers their players the Microgaming designed gaming platforms and their range of games also.

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Playing Classic Blackjack

By logging into any online casino site powered by Microgaming software you will find that there are two different variants of Classic Blackjack, the first is a single hand variant and the other is a multi hand variant.

However, due to the way both of those games have been designed by opting to play the single hand Classic Blackjack game you will be playing the very best variant on offer, and that is due to the house edge being a tiny 0.13% when you put into playing optimal playing strategy, for reference the multi-hand variant comes with a higher house edge due to an increase in the number of decks of cards in the shoe of the game.

By playing the Microgaming designed and supplied Classic Blackjack game you have the chance of playing it for free or for real money, however you choose to play it you will be able to alter and adjust the chip values to make it an affordable game to play.

The table stake limits of that game are as low as 1.00 per hand or you can increase the stakes you play for up to a maximum of 200.00 per hand. To send the game into play you simply click on the betting box located on the Blackjack table and each click will then place on chip onto that betting box.

Once you are happy with the amount of chips you have placed onto your betting box a simple click onto the deal button will then see the Dealer dealing out two facing upwards cards to your hand and one face up card to his hand.

You then have a range of different options in regards to how you can play off your hand, with the aim of ending the game with a hand higher in value that the Dealers hand but without going over a hand value total of 21.

The options that will become available to you when playing Classic Blackjack will be determined by what cards you have in your hand, you will be given the option of hitting your hand or standing it, and if you are dealt out a pair of matching cards then you can choose to split those cards to form an additional second hand.

If your initial two cards are worth a total of a hard 9, 10 or 11 you will also be given the option of doubling down that hand, and the Insurance bet will also be offered to you if the Dealer has a chance of being dealt out a Blackjack hand.

Classic Blackjack Strategy

Playing any Blackjack game perfectly will call for you to know just what betting or playing decision to make when faced with any Dealers card based on what two initial card you have been dealt out.

You will find you can download a Blackjack strategy card below which is going to allow you to then look up the hand combination you have been dealt out and the Dealers upfacing hand and by following the playing and betting moves printed on that strategy card you will then be playing perfect strategy, without have to learn every single playing and betting decision!

There are a few tips we can also pass onto you one of which is to never take the insurance side bet option due to its very high house edge, and also never split a pair of 10’s or 10 valued cards and also always split a pair of Aces!

Microgaming Classic Blackjack Strategy Card