Making Sense of Slot Game Wild Symbols

Slot games are always going to be exciting to play, and if you make the effort to track down and play those slots with a range of bonus games and bonus features attached to them, you will find such slots even more exciting to play that the more standard and classical ones!

However, it is often the way that some of the reel symbols have been designed to play and pay that can also enhance any slot playing session you have, and I am sure you will have at some point played a slot with scatter symbols and bonus symbols that can trigger a bonus game when enough of them line up or simply spin in anywhere.

Wild symbols are another type of reel symbol that can completely change the type of gaming session you have playing slot games, and in this guide I am going to be taking a look at how the many different types of wild symbols can suddenly trigger their own built in feature.

Expanding wild symbols are attached to many a slot games reels and whenever you spin any of those symbols into view they will then expand either upwards or downwards or even in both directions so that every in view reel position on each reel they have landed on are covered in wild symbols.

Random and Floating Wild symbols can also be found attached to a number of different slot game reels, a Random Wild symbol or symbols get added to the reels before, during or after any spin you play off and Floating Wild symbols will bounce around the screen as you are playing off a spin and will then attached themselves to random reel positions.

Wild Multipliers are often found on both three reel and video slot games, and simply boost the value of any winning combinations by their respective multiplier value formed with their help.

However, if you want the chance of winning big then look out for those slot games on which there are Wild Multiplier symbols that can and will be multiplied by each other when two or more of them land on any winning pay line, for there can be some mega winning payouts awarded when playing those slots.

I have also seen many slot games offering something known as wandering wild symbols, and when you play such a slot and those symbols have been spun in, they will then wander across the reels from one side of the screen to the other, moving one reel position on each spin you play off.

Some slot games will also have some type of wild symbol related bonus game or bonus feature, many 243 ways to win slots will have a bonus feature that can be awarded at random when you click onto the spin button to send the reel spinning.

That random bonus feature will then select one to five of the reels and then fill them completely with wild symbols, so players will be hoping all five reels get turned wild, for when they do they then win 243 jackpot payouts!