Looking for a Basic Casino Card Game? Try Casino War

When you set about playing games such as Blackjack or Video Poker, you are going to be faced with some decisions to make as those games are in play. If you make the wrong playing or betting decisions then that will increase the house edge, and will see you losing more money over the long term!

With that in mind, if you haven’t the time or patience to learn how to play the much more strategy driven casino card games, then you will be looking for a game that is easy to play, and one that you are never going to make any player errors on, and as such allow me to introduce you to the game of Casino War.

Casino War is without a shadow of a doubt one of the easiest card games to play, for to set about playing it you simply need to choose a stake, place your chip or chips onto the betting box in front of you and then click on the deal button.

At which point the Dealer will then deal out two initial cards, one to you and one to himself. It is the hand that has the highest valued card that is deemed to be the winning one, and if that hand is yours then you are going to be paid out at odds of even money on the stake you placed onto your betting box.

Each of the individual playing cards are worth their face values, so a 6 is worth six a Queen is worth ten and all of the Aces in the deck are classed as high cards, so their values are eleven.

However, there will of course come a point in time when both your card and the Dealers card are worth the same amount, and that is when you are going to have to make the only betting decision available on this game.

You can choose to surrender your hand when it is tied with the Dealers hand, and if you do so then you will receive half of your stake money back, or you can choose to carry on playing and by doing so you are then obliged to place an additional bet onto the betting box in front of you, known as a raise bet, that is the same value as the initial bet you placed on that hand.

If you have chosen to go to war, by playing on then the Dealer is going to burn three cards from the top of the deck and then deal out one card to your hand and one card to his hand, and if your card is higher in value than his you win, if his hand is higher you lose.

However, if your hand is the same value as the Dealers then hand is also classed as the winning hand. Be aware though that when you choose to go to war and play on after getting the same valued card as the Dealer if your hand ties or beats the Dealers you are paid out at even money on just the raise bet and your initial starting wager on that hand is a push.