Live Baccarat

There are two different Bonus Baccarat games available to play at live casinos on the Microgaming platform, the first is their standard single player game and then they have a multi-player variant, both versions allows you to place a side bet in the hope of certain hands being dealt and if they do get dealt then a range of special payouts will be activated.

The Bonus Baccarat multi-player live game is played with eight full decks of playing cards, and a winning Bankers hand gets you a payout worth Even Money (less a 5% house commission). A winning Players hand also receives a payout worth Even Money (no commission is charged on a winning wager), and all winning Tied bet receives a payout worth 8 to 1.

Subject to what type of player you are you can select either low stake or high stake games, there are three table stakes available on their multiple tables and these range from 10.00 to 100.00, 30.00 to 300.00 and 50 to 500.00.

How To Play Live Bonus Baccarat

The game of Bonus Baccarat is relatively simply to understand, you are faced with a decision before the game begins and that is whether you think that the Dealers hand or the Bankers hand will win the game or whether the game will end in a Tie.

Once you have placed your wager the dealer will then proceed to deal out the cards one to the Players hand and then one to the Dealers, each hand is dealt two cards and the aim of the game is simply to predict which hand will get as close to a total of nine as possible. Unless of course you have bet on the Tie hand in which case you are hoping that both hands end the game with the same total.

Now all of the playing cards in the live Bonus Baccarat deck are worth their face values, however Aces are just worth one, and all of the Tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth zero.

There are some occasions when a third card may be dealt out, this can be a little confusing to understand but we will try and explain this in easy to understand way!

When either the Player or the Banker has 8 or 9 in total from the first two cards dealt then no additional cards will be dealt to either hand, however should no hand contain a total of eight or nine then the follow rules will come into play:

When the Players hand has a total from zero to five then one additional card will be dealt to the Players hand, should he be holding a six or seven valued hand then that hand will stand.

In regards to the Bankers hand it all depends on whether the player was dealt a third card or not and just what that third card was, so if the Players hand has not been dealt a third card but the Bankers hand is worth zero to five then his hand gets dealt a third card, however if the Bankers hand is a six or seven then that hand will stand.

If the Players hand was dealt a third card which made his hand total two or three the Banker will be dealt a third card when his hand totals zero to five, and his hand will stand if it totals five, six or seven.

Should the Players hand have been dealt a third hand and his total is now four or five the Banker will be dealt a third card if he is holding a hand totalling zero to five, and his hand will stand if he has a six or seven.

When a Player drew a third card and his total in now eight then the Banker will also be dealt a third card but only if his hand totals zero, one or two, should his hand be three to seven in value then no third card will be dealt.

Finally should a Players third card mean he has drawn an Ace, Nine or Ten valued card the Banker will get a third card only when his current hand totals zero, one two or three, if he has a four to seven valued hand then it will stand an no third card will be dealt to the Bankers hand.

Live Bonus Baccarat Bonus Bets

By placing a Bonus Bet on either the Bankers or Dealers hand you are going to activate a range of special payouts should certain hands be dealt, this bonus bet is completely optional.

The Bonus Bets also have varied minimum and maximum stake limits depending on which table you are playing at, with the limits available being 1.00 to 10.00, 3.00 to 30.00 and 5.00 to 50.00.

You can also bet on whether the Dealers or Bankers hand will be a Pair, and the minimum and maximum wagers permitted on this side bet are 2.00 to 8.00, 5.00 to 25.00 and 5.00 to 40.00 depending on which table you are playing at.

The payouts you will receive are as follows:

1. When the Bonus Bet wins by a total of nine points (non natural) then you will win a payout worth 30:1 of your staked amount.

2. Should your Bonus Bet win by a total of eight points (non natural) then your winning payout is 10:1.

3. If your Bonus Bet hand wins by a total of seven points (non natural) then your winning payout will be worth 6:1.

4. A winning Bonus Bet on a hand with a total of six points (non natural) will receive a payout which is worth 4:1.

5 All winning Bonus Bet hands worth a total of five points (non natural) gets a payout worth 2:1.

6. If your Bonus Bet hands wins by 4 points (non natural) then the payout is 1:1

7. A Natural winning Bonus Bet hand will receive a payout also worth 1:1 and a Natural Tie is a Push.

You can also place a wager should you wish on the Players or Dealers hand being a Tied hand, the minimum and maximum stakes on this Tied bet are 2.00 to 8.00 on the low stakes Baccarat game, (on either the Dealers or Players hand) and if successful then you will win yourself a payout which is worth 11:1.

Playing Live Bonus Baccarat Online

Best Live Dealer Baccarat Casino

Unlike standard software driven online casinos as the Live Baccarat game is played with a deck of cards with real dealers you are no going to be left feeling the game isn’t 100% fair and there are systems in place to ensure everyone gets a fair game, the dealers are dealing from a real live venue and are all fully trained in the art of dealing, there is always a pit boss on hand to ensure the game runs smoothly.

One thing you will instantly notice when you sit down to play live Baccarat is that the cards are much bigger than those found in a land based casino, the reason for this is to simply allow the players to clearly see what cards they have been dealt out.

One other thing you will notice is that the dealer will rub the face down card over a window like panel in the Baccarat table once she has removed it from the shoe and before dealing them out, this is simply to enable the software to recognise which card is being dealt out and for it to be displayed correctly on your screen and also allow the software to know what card has indeed been dealt out to both the Dealers and Bankers hands.

Don’t be afraid or intimidated to give the game a try, once you get a hang for how everything works you will have plenty of fun, and you are of course completely free to move around from table to table as you see fit, so should you fancy giving live Baccarat a try then we highly recommend you do so at a Microgaming powered site.