Leicester City v FC Copenhagen Betting Preview

Tuesday October 18th 19.45 GMT

champions league logoAt last, after a break of three weeks and the annoyance of having to deal with domestic obligations (0-0 Southampton and 3-0 loss to Chelsea, respectively), Leicester are back in their happy place.

Yes, it is the Land of the New Dream, the Champions League and this is where Leicester will look to make their groovy stand this year. They’d want to because events on the ground in the BPL might soon begin to take on a nightmarish hue but how’n’ever.

Wishful thinking?

Leicester have had a storming start to their virgin CL campaign, bagging two wins in conjunction with two clean sheets. One of those results was the win over Porto, a team previously considered to be their main threat. So far, so good. If you had have asked a Leicester fan what team they were least concerned about prior to the CL beginning, odds are they would have said Copenhagen. It will be interesting to see whether that mooted confidence was well placed or not.

This column will not pretend to know anything about Copenhagen other than it’s a city that’s on our ‘must visit’ list but probably never will, given that it’s relatively far down said list. Another thing we know is that they thrashed Club Brugge but good in round 2. So what?, we hear you say, they are, after all, the whipping boys of the group. That they may well be but the goals scored by Copenhagen in their 4-0 win were seriously impressive. This is a team that likes to attack aggressively and has some good shooters in their ranks.

A chink in the armour

They will not be blind to the fact that their hosts seem to be putting all their efforts into this CL campaign but they will also be aware of Leicester’s poor form in the BPL. Not matter how focused Leicester are in this new competition, the difficulty in just ‘switching it on’ should not be forgotten and it is within that realm where most of Copenhagen’s opportunity lies


They’re the home team and can boast of 100% CL record thus far but this column can’t get past Leicester’s recent performances relative to the upswing in fortunes we all seem to expect of them in this tie. The will for this competition is great but the flesh may be weak. The market has Leicester as odds-on to win but an upset of sorts might be on the cards. For what it’s worth, we reckon the draw at 13/5 from Bet365 is tasty enough.