Is There Such a Thing As Professional Slot Machine Player?

Slot machines are random, there is no apparent “skill” involved with playing them, and when playing in any playing environment, each slot game you choose to play will have an unpredictable outcome on each spin you play off.

However, you often hear of professional gamblers, those being people who have fully mastered the art of playing games such as Blackjack and Video Poker in such a way they can increase their chances of winning, when they play those games in a certain optimal way.

You may therefore be wondering if there is such a thing as a professional slot player. Well, in regards to an answer to that question there are some players who know how to put into play one of several different strategies that can increase their winning chances, but ones that not always guarantee a winning profit!

One of the best strategies that any slot player can adopt is to make a concerted effort to discover what the long term expected payout percentages are on offer on every single slot machine available in a brick and mortar, online or mobile casino site.

Once armed with that all important pay back information a player is going to have more winning payouts awarded to them, over the long term, when they play slots which do boast only the very highest of payout percentages.

If you fancy adopting such a strategy then it will be slots which have been designed to return at the very least 98% of player’s stakes as winning payouts. Believe it or not there are a number of online casino game designers that have launched slots with payout percentages that high you just need to track them down!

Also, by opening up casino accounts at a huge number of online or mobile casino sites, you will then be offered a very wide and diverse range of different bonuses and slot game promotional offers.

Savvy slot players will only tend to play at such casino sites when they are offering high valued bonus offers, those being the bonuses with the very lowest play through requirements, and the ones that match a much higher percentage of a players deposit with bonus funds.

Such bonuses are quite hard to come across, but by having lots of casino site accounts opened you can then check through each promotional email sent out to you from those sites to compare the current offers available to you, a handful of which may just offer you an increased winning chance when you have claimed them.

With the advent of slot machines and slot games that have guaranteed hit by progressive jackpots, those being jackpots that are guaranteed to be won by players before they reach a certain value, there is a way to increase your chances of winning on such slots.

That will see you being required to constantly monitor a large number of those types of slot games and then only play them when their jackpots are not that far off their guaranteed hit by amounts!