Is It Possible To Count Cards Playing Blackjack Online?

There are two popular ways that you can play Blackjack, the first is of course by following basic strategy and the second is by simply playing off each hand with you own unique system in place, and leave it to luck as to whether you will win or lose!

If you do not follow the basic strategy when playing Blackjack then sadly you are going to be increasing the house edge each variant you play has been set to offer, and that will increase the winning chance of the casino and not you!

However, having said that there are a large number of people who have mastered the art of card counting, and will often visit land based casinos to use their acquired skill to increase the chance of them ending any Blackjack playing session in profit.

When online casino sites first appeared there was some excitement in the card counting community as those newly launched online casinos may be ones at which a card counter can play and increase their winning chances when counting cards.

However, that excitement quickly turned to disappointment, for due to the way software driven Blackjack games work is that a random number generator determines just which cards are dealt out, and as such being random and as the cyber deck of playing cards are shuffled before each new hand is dealt out, it is impossible to count cards at such sites.

Not long after those software driven casinos when live a range of live dealer casinos also started to launch and those sites use real life Dealers based in land based venues to deal out the cards which players can see via a web cam and live video stream.

As the Blackjack games played in such venues are operated in the exact same way as land based brick and mortar casinos, it is actually possible to count cards as such casinos!

What also makes such casinos popular is that due to there now being so many of them, each casino is eager to get as many players to sign up as possible and get their players to remain loyal to each casino site, and as such they all tend to give away bonuses to players.

By making use of a high valued deposit match type of bonus and then playing live Blackjack games and counting cards when playing those games, savvy players are able to massively increase their winning chances.

Just keep in mind however that all live dealer casino sites are fully aware that some of their players will be card counters and may also be using bonuses to increase their chances of winning even more.

You are going to find that if such a casino does suspect you of both card counting and using their promotional offers such as bonuses to help you win you stand just as much chance of being banned from those sites as a card counter will be banned or asked to leave a brick and mortar casino!