Is Bitcoin a Viable Option for Online Casino Payments?

It will not have escaped your notice if you are a fan of playing at casino sites online, that you do have a very wide and varied range of deposit options available to you.

Whilst it is very true to say that players based in countries within the EU or the UK for example should have no problems when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals to and from a casino using debit or credit cards, those living in some other countries such as the US for example can experience many problems using such cards.

In fact, many players will tend to shy away from using credit or debit cards to make deposit into a casino of for that matter any type of gambling site, as they will not want their banks, partners or credit card issuers to know that they do enjoy gambling!

With that in mind you may have considered using another deposit option when gambling online and that is where some of the many alternative methods do come in very handy.

There are of course no shortages of web and e-wallets you may prefer using, but once again when you do wish to top up those types of accounts you will often find the only way you can do so is by transferring money into them via a credit or debit card or even a bank transfer.

You will additionally be hit with all manner of different fees and charges when topping up such an account, and over time they can make a huge dint in your gambling bankroll.

If you are experiencing any type of problem making a deposit into a casino or any type of gambling related site and have found you only have a small number of withdrawal options available to you at such sites then it may be worth you taking a look at what Bitcoin can offer you.

Bitcoin is one of several crypto currencies, and they do work in a similar way to a web-wallet. You will first need to get yourself a Bitcoin Wallet and then top it up, which will simply entail you using a Bitcoin Exchange to swap your cash into Bitcoin.

However, there are now a large and growing number of ATM’s that will allow you to feed into them banknotes and then get Bitcoin added to your Bitcoin Wallet instantly and on the spot. Those ATM’s will also allow you to cash out any Bitcoin held in your wallet, so you will always have access to hard cash whenever you use one of them.

Another advantage of using Bitcoin is that it is a completely anonymous way of moving money around and you will find quite a lot of casinos and general gambling sites will now allow you to fund your account and make withdrawals from that account instantly and in real time using Bitcoin.

So do keep that payment option in mind if you have been experiencing problems making money transfers into or out of any type of casino or gambling site account.  We’ve written a bitcoin casino review article that you may find useful here.