Importance of a Generous Comp Club When Playing Video Poker

If you are a video poker player or are interested in starting to play that popular category of casino game online, then the one aspect of playing most variants that is sure to appeal to you are the high payout percentages than can be achieved when playing them.

However, it is important to know and fully understand that it is the way that you play off every single initial hand dealt out to you that will determine the payout percentages you personally achieve over your long-term play.

There are many mistakes that inexperienced and first-time video poker players can and often do make, and one tip I can pass onto you to ensure you do not make any playing errors is to always ensure that you turn on and activate the auto hold setting on any variants you play.

By doing so that will take the guesswork and skill out of playing, as the software will automatically hold the very best cards that have bene dealt out to you.

A generous comp club is also important, for due to the high RTP nature in regards to the design of video poker games not many casino sites make available to their customers bonuses that can be utilized on video poker games, so to lock in additional playing value you do need to pick out and only ever play at a casino site that is going to reward your real money gaming action on such games.

The things to look for are the amount of comp points you will be awarded based on the stake levels you play off each video poker hand, and the redemption rates for exchanging your accumulated comp points and turning them into playing credits.

The more point you earn and the lower the redemption rates the better. However, another thing to look out for, and this is very important when playing video poker games especially is just how your comped playing credits will be awarded to you.

Sadly, quite a few online casino sites are going to aware your comped playing credits as bonus credits and that therefore means they will come with play through requirements attached, which you will have to achieve before you can cash them out.

But with a little looking around you will still find some casino sites that award your comped playing credits as cash credits, which means once you exchange your points and turn them into playing credits you can cash them out at any time.

It is also important that you know what to look out for regarding the pay tables attached to any video poker games you do set about playing, for even though you could come across two video poker games with the same name, that doesn’t mean they have the same pay tables attached to them.

It is both your level of skill at playing video poker games and the pay tables attached to such games that will determine the payout percentages you will achieve when playing such games.