How to Use Bonus Codes for Claiming Casino Promotions

I have been an online casino game player for more years than I care to remember, and over the years I have noticed lots of changes regarding the way that casino sites will credit players bonuses to their accounts.

There was a time when if you saw a casino bonus you fancied claiming and utilizing you first had to make a deposit and then contact a casinos support team to get that bonus credited to your account.

That was, and at casinos that still use that system, still is a very time-consuming task, for sometimes it can take hours to finally get through to a support team member when you play at a busy time of the day or night!

Another way that you may find you can claim bonus is by first having to make a deposit and then visiting the website of the casino you are playing at and then opt in to that bonus offer, however there can often be some delays in you doing so and the bonus credits finally appearing in your account.

Some casinos have chosen to automatically add bonus credits to players accounts, but the downside of that system is that you are then forced to have to make use of those bonuses when funding your account whenever a bonus is available to you, and sometimes you may not wish to play with bonus credits, if for example a bonus comes with a set of unreasonable play through requirements!

Therefore, what I would suggest you do is to make use of a casino site that offers a bonus code system, for that way you can pick and choose just which bonuses you can claim.

When you do come across such a site all that you are required to do is to look up the bonus code for the bonus you wish to claim, and that information will be listed on the promotions page of the casino site you are playing at, or it may be listed in any promotional emails you have been sent out by a casino site.

You then need to simply enter that unique bonus code into the banking interface when you are making a deposit, and once you then make your deposit all the bonus credits are then added to your account balance instantly.

Such a bonus code claiming system puts you in control of just which bonus you can claim, so if you do ever want to play with your own funds then simply do not make use of the bonus offers and by doing so you will not have any restrictions in place when playing, such as the games you can play, the size of the wagers you can place and wont have any play through requirements attached to your gaming session either.

There are plenty of different casino sites that do use a bonus code claiming system, so do not be under the impression there are only a  few casinos that do so, as that is not the case!