How to Spot a Cash Back Casino Bonus worth Claiming

Bonuses, as you will very quickly come to discover when you start playing casino games online, are never in short supply, and no matter at which casino sites you play at you are going to be offered them as a new player and on an ongoing basis too.

With there being so many different bonuses up for grabs, if you know what to look out for, and are quite happy to play at several different casino sites you really can lock in lots of playing value, and often massively increase your chances of winning too.

Deposit match bonuses are the type of bonuses that you will find the most of, for those bonuses do require you to have to make a deposit to get to claim them and as such the casino operator does have a chance of winning your deposit from you as you try and achieve the play through requirements attached to such a bonus.

No deposit bonuses are ones that I do feel are hardly worth claiming these days, for the play through requirements and the game and payout restrictions often attached to such a bonus give players very little chance of actually cashing anything out from them.

However, some of the more forward thinking casino promotions managers out there do occasionally offer players a type of bonus that is known as a cash back bonus.

When you opt in to claim such a bonus you are going to get paid a percentage of your losses back, and on first appearance they may not seem that generous or appealing, as you do have to lose to get access to the cash back!

But what I do feel does make them appealing and certainly bonuses worth investigating more, is that as you are initially playing with your own money, you are not going to have to achieve any play through requirements for example and as such if you win when playing with your own money you can cash those winnings out at any time.

But if you do experience a losing session, which let’s face it many players tend to do more than they experience winning sessions, then the cash back comes in very handy!

There are a few little terms and conditions that will make such a bonus one that is worth claiming however, the first is just how a casino will pay you back those losses or a percentage of them.

If the cash back is indeed awarded as real money credits with no play through requirements, meaning you can cash it out once awarded, then that is a bonus worth claiming.

But sometimes the cash back isn’t awarded a real cash credits but bonus credits so you have to play through your bonus credits and achieve the play through requirements before you can cash anything out.

Also, it is of course the percentage of your losses that are paid back out to you that also makes such a  bonus claimable, so be on the lookout for a cash back bonus that awards you back the highest percentage of your losses!