How to Play Fixed Odds Slot Machines

You may have thought you have played every single category of slot machine, however if you have not yet played at some of the many different online and mobile casino sites that use Playtech supplied games, there is a chance you have never come across fixed odds slot games before.

Every casino that uses use Playtech’s gaming platforms will have just one fixed odds slot machine on offer, and it will usually be named after the casino site it is available at.

Those types of slots are completely different to any other slot machine, but they have all been designed in a similar way, it is just the name of the slot and the reel symbols that will be different on each of them.

The basic playing structure is as a single pay line, three-reel slot, and one that is going to give you a range of different staking options too, however you do not choose a stake and then send the reels spinning in the hope of any of the pay table listed winning pay-out spin in.

Instead you are faced with having to correctly predict just which of the ten pay-table listed winning combinations will be spun in.

On each spin played off one of those ten possible winning combinations is guaranteed to spin in, and you can place a bet on just one of them or as many of them as you like! That unique playing structure is one of the reasons many players do enjoy playing such slots, as there will always be a winning combination spun in!

The pay-outs can and do vary in value, however the winning pay-outs do different on the winning combination, the lowest valued pay-out is worth two times you stake for spinning in for example a single cherry anywhere on the pay line.

The winning pay-outs from the lowest valued one to the highest valued one are x2, x5, x10, x15, x20, x25, x30, x50, x75 and x100, the jackpot pay-out worth 100 times you bet will awarded to you if you do place a wager on that winning combination and it is then spun in.

This type of slot game is of course completely random, and as mentioned above you can select as many different winning combinations to place a wager on as you like, and on every single spin you play off, so the level of risk you have in place is always down to you and you alone.

If you do ever get the urge to play a slot machine that is completely different to any you have seen or played before, then the fixed odds slot games are certainly going to give you a unique type of playing experience.

Much like all other casino games from Playtech you do have the ability of getting stuck into playing the fixed odds slot machines at casinos that have them on offer for free before you set about playing then in a real money playing environment, so you can test drive them to see if you do like playing them.