How to Play Classic Slots Optimally

Three-reel slot machines which boast just one single pay line and no type of bonus games or bonus features are collectively known as classic slots, and whilst they do not appeal to all slot players, there are plenty of players who do enjoy playing them both online and in brick and mortar casinos.

What you need to be aware of though first and foremost when playing such slots, is that often it is the coin denomination that you play them for that will ultimately determine the long term expected RTP of such slots.

That is certainly the case when playing them in land based casinos, so if you are ever in such a venue and fancy giving some of those types of slots any amount of play time, you are always going to get more of your stake money return to you as winning pay-outs over the long term if you play the ones which have high coin value settings as opposed to low valued ones.

But if you set about playing such slots online, then in most casinos there is no different regarding the RTP of classic slots irrespective of the coin value settings you have in play, however each slot will have been designed with a different RTP.

Therefore, it is always going to be worth your time an effort playing the classic slots which have been designed it pay-out more over the long term, so make a point of looking up the RTP’s of each slot you do fancy playing.

That information should be listed in one of three different places, those being on the pay table on the help files or listed somewhere on the casino sites website.

Another important aspect of playing classic slots optimally is that you will often be faced with putting into place one or two or one, two or three coins on the pay liens per spin. If you do come across a slot offering arrange of different coins per spin, then look at the value of the jackpot pay-out.

If the jackpot is an equal multiple on the one-coin jackpot when you play two or three coins per spin, then it doesn’t matter how many coins per spin you play, your chances of winning the jackpot and the RTP of that slot is the same.

But if there is an enhanced jackpot when playing three coins spin for example as opposed to just one or two coins per spin, you will be best advised to always put into play the maximum number of coins per spin, as that way you have the chance of winning that enhanced jackpot and the RTP of that slot game will be higher over the long term too.

However, if classic slots do appear to be too boring or basic slots then it will be the bonus game awarding video slots you are going to find much more exciting and entertaining to play, and there will be plenty of such slots on offer to you no matter where you choose to play.