How to Avoid Making Video Poker Playing Errors

There is no skill involved in playing some casino games, such as slot games. That’s because you simply need to choose a stake and the number of pay lines you want to have in place.  Then, you just click on the reels to find out whether you have won or lost.

However, there are some games you will find on offer in most if not all casinos that do have at least some element of skill attached to them, two games that spring to mind are Blackjack and Video Poker.

Avoiding Errors

Many slot players tend to shy away from playing games such as video poker, for it can at first seem like a very complicated game and one that will take a great deal of effort to play.

But as soon as those players discover the payout percentages on some variant of video poker can be over 99% then they often do decide to give them some play time!

There is a small element of skill involved in playing video poker games, so you do need to get a good idea of just how to play each variant. 

Why? Well, so that you never make any playing errors that could – and will – have a negative overall effect of the payout percentage that you’ll be achieving over any individual session playing.

The basic idea and structure of games such as video poker is that you need to first decide how many coins you wish to wager on a hand. You can usually play from one single coin to five coins;  And then you click or tap onto the deal button.

By doing so five playing cards are then dealt out of a single deck, and you can then pick any or all of those cards to hold for the next stage of the game. That next stage of the game is played off by the game removing the cards you don’t hold and replacing them with new ones dealt out of the deck.

If after those cards have been dealt out on the second stage of the game you have formed any of the winning hand combinations that are listed on the pay table then you will receive the associated winning payout based on the number of coins you wagered.

There are just a couple of tips I want to pass onto you in regards to the optional way to play video poker; The first is to always play maximum coins hands if and when there is an enhanced jackpot on offer to maximum coin players, as quick glance of the pay table will reveal that information.

Also, when you click on the option setting of quite a number of video poker games designed by different companies, there will be an option for you to turn on the auto hold setting.

By doing so when the game initially deals, you out your first five playing cards.  The auto-hold will then hold the best cards for you automatically from that initial hand, and as such with that setting switched on you will be playing off each hand perfectly and optimally!