How Random are Random Jackpot Slots?

Let’s face it, as someone who does enjoy playing slot games online you are always going to find plenty of them to play. However, when it comes to winning a huge valued jackpot you may tend to make a beeline to play the random jackpot slots.

Those are of course the slots on which completely at random, and irrespective of the stake levels you are playing for, you could trigger either some form of bonus game that guarantees you will win one of several jackpots or slots that will award a progressive jackpot randomly at the end of any base game spin.

I have often wondered just how random those slots are, and you may have also done so too, for I know of many players, myself included, who have yet to win such a jackpot when playing certain slots that do offer them to players!

You are much more likely to win a randomly awarded progressive jackpot when you play a slot that has several of them on offer. What you will find when playing those types of slot games is that the smaller valued jackpots get won by players every few minutes.

A perfect example of such a slot is the Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming that slot has four different valued jackpots on offer and the smaller two of them are won very regularly. The two highest valued jackpots however can go for weeks or months before they are finally won by players!

If you tend to play at casino sites such as those offering Real Time Gaming designed slots you are going to come across a range of what are known as Real Series slots.

Real Series slot can have one or two progressive jackpots attached and on offer on them, and unlike the Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming you do not have to play off a randomly awarded bonus game to discover just which jackpot you have won.

Instead, at the end of any base game spin the jackpot can be randomly awarded. What makes those slots appealing is that the jackpots do not tend to grow in value to some mega sized amounts, and as such players can win some substantial jackpots but not really life changing ones.

In regards to just how often a progressive jackpot is likely to be awarded, well as each slot is random in its design there can never be any way of knowing just when a jackpot is about to be won, unless you set about playing some of the guaranteed hit by slots.

Those are slots which have one or more progressive jackpots that are randomly awarded to players however they are limited in regards to just how high in value they are going to grow.

If you play such a slot offering a guaranteed to hit by jackpot of $500 then that jackpot will be won before it reaches $500, and you are much more likely to win it when it is not far off its hit by amount.