How Often Do Progressive Blackjack Games Award Their Jackpots?

Have you ever played some progressive jackpot games and wondered when the jackpots attached to such games get won? When playing slot machines online for example you will often find the jackpots attached to those types of gaming machines can and do get won extremely regularly.

However, there are not only progressive slot machines available to online players, for when playing at some casino sites you are going to find games such as Blackjack do have an ever rising and potentially life changing progressive jackpot up for grabs.

The Triple Sevens Blackjack game is probably one of the most played online progressive Blackjack games, and it is a game you are going to find at any casino sites that offer you the range of Microgaming designed games.

In regards to just how often its jackpot does get won, well the average jackpot won on that game is quite huge at €/$/£103,353 and on average it takes around 174 days for each jackpot to be won.

With that in mind the only time you should really consider giving the Triple Sevens Blackjack game some play time is when its jackpot is above that amount in value!

The side bet option on some progressive Blackjack games is an optional one, so you can decide whether you want to place it or not, but by not placing it do keep in mind that you have no chance what so ever of ever winning the progressive jackpot!

You should only play progressive Blackjack games if you are prepared to risk losing your side bet wagers, for they are going to be used to feed the jackpot pool and you could spend a small fortune placing that side bet option only for you to see another player winning the jackpot!

The house edge is also much higher when you do play progressive Blackjack game of any type when either placing the optional side bet or when you are forced to have to place it, and as such they are not going to be the best valued Blackjack games you can play online.

Unless you are feeling very lucky then the best advice is to never play Blackjack game offering a progressive jackpot, for you are always going to find the non-progressive variants are going to be offering you better and low house edges so keep that in mind and make up your own mind as to just which Blackjack games you do decide to play online, for there are lots of them available!

I would encourage you to take a look at some of the progressive game articles I have compiled throughout this website, for by doing so you will discover all manner of different facts and figures surrounding a range of those games which may help you decide just which ones to play online.

There are never any guarantees however that you will win a progressive jackpot, no matter how high the jackpot attached to any games may be, and that is worth always remembering.

Progressive games sadly do usually come with some fairly low payout percentages when you take the progressive jackpot pool out of the equation, and there are always going to be some much higher paying slots with much better payout percentages on offer to you at most casino sites.

One way I would consider playing any game that does have at progressive jackpot attached to them is to play them alongside other games which don’t have such a jackpot!