How do Players Force Jackpots on Fruit Machines?

As you will no doubt be aware if you are a slot machine player, there are all manner of different and some very weird and wonderful slot machine categories that you are going to be able to access and play in any environment.

One type of slot machine that you may have an interest in playing however is Fruit Machines. Those are a type of slot game that are predominately found in countries such as France, the UK and in Spain, but the way they play and pay is very different to the more standard casino type slots!

A Fruit Machine is usually designed as a slot which has three stepper type reels, and often there is just one single pay line that you can activate and put into play when playing them.

Therefore they can be quite cost effective slots to play, for you can set the coin value to a fairly low one if you so desire and you will then only be playing one single coin per spin.

However, whereas a casino slot machine will be completely random, Fruit Machines are designed to go through cycles. Those cycles can be tens or hundreds of thousands of spins long, but when each cycle is complete the Fruit Machine will do whatever it needs to do to ensure it long term preset payout percentage is achieved.

So for example, if a Fruit Machines currently payout percentage, over its currency cycle of spins is lower than its preset payout percentage, then the machine will then spin in lots of high valued winning combinations or award its jackpot as many times as is required to bring that payout percentage back up to the one it is set to payout.

However, if the payout percentage is currently much higher than its preset one, and its current cycle is nearing its end, then that machine will tighten up so it does not award players with any winning payouts, to get the payout percentage back down it its preset one!

That unique way in which Fruit Machines play and pay does offer savvy players with a unique way of playing them to get an increased chance of winning, and one way is by players forcing them to payout their jackpots, often in quick succession.

How that is achieved, is by a player being able to judge where a Fruit Machine is in its current cycle of spins by judging how the machine is playing.

They then play each spin in such a way that they try and avoiding spinning in any winning combinations. That could be by holding via the hold feature un-matching symbols or when the nudge feature is offered nudging in losing combinations only.

By playing a Fruit Machine in that way its payout percentage will drop, and then the software will then force that machine to increase the payout percentage by spinning in any number of jackpots or very high valued winning combinations!