House Edge is Important When Playing Bitcoin Blackjack

You should never leave anything to chance when you are playing Blackjack, other than of course the randomness of the game!

Therefore when it comes to choosing just which casino sites to play at, stick to those casino sites that have a long tradition of paying out their winners quickly and those casino sites that offer valuable comps too.

However, as someone who enjoys playing Blackjack, it is often going to be the casino site you choose to play at that is going to determine just which Blackjack games you can play at each casino, and not all of them will be offering you variants which when played perfectly will result in a low house edge.

Take for example Real Time Gaming software powered Bitcoin casino sites, or in fact any of those sites that accept any currency or deposit method, when playing at such sites you need to be aware of the fact that the owners of those sites have some control over their Blackjack games.

They are allowed to pick from a range of different settings at which their Blackjack games will operate, such as increasing the number of decks in the shoes of those games.

As such when you do play at such a site if you end up playing at one that offers Blackjack games with lots of decks of playing cards in their Blackjack game shoes then the house edges of those games are going to be much higher than at other casinos using the same software that have a lower number of decks of cards in those shoes!

The casinos will not however let you know whether they use a small or large number of decks of cards on their Blackjack games, and with that in mind you are going to be much better off playing at a casino site at which the owner or operator of those sites has no control over how they configure their Bitcoin Blackjack games!

Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech for example are three of the better known casinos software and casino game providers and designers, and all of their games have a set in stone set of game play rules meaning those sites cannot configure their Blackjack games to play with different house edges.

Each Blackjack game variant will however have a different house edge attached to them, and you are only going to have a reasonable chance of getting that house edge when you play each variant optimally and using the best strategy.

That isn’t going to prove too difficult to do for you can always get yourself a Blackjack strategy card for the variants you wish to play and those cards then show you how to play off every single hand that has been dealt out to you perfectly.

To get the best chance of actually winning not only should you play using the best possible strategy, but you should of course stick to playing the games which have been designed with the lowest house edge too, and a couple of games which do boast tiny house edges are Microgaming’s single hand Classic Blackjack game and Playtech’s Blackjack Switch game.