Highest Payout Online Slots

In the search for the best paying slots games, there is one very important piece of information that you will often find hidden away on the help files or pay table of any reputable online casino, and that is something known as the RTP and it is vitally important that you find out what this figure is before you start to play any slot game online for real money!

RTP means ‘return to player’ and this is displayed as a percentage and is the amount of cash that any slot game has been designed to return to players over the long term operation of that game. A slot’s published RTP will give you an indication of the type of playing session you are going to have on that one particular game and the closer that payout percentage is to 100% the better it is for you.

Overall Highest Paying Slot

Caesar’s Empire: 97.50% Payout


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The most commonly found payout percentage attached to most slot games is one somewhere in between the 94% to 96% range, and put simply when you are playing a slot game which comes with a RTP of let’s say 96%, then for every 100.00 fed into that machine and played off it will return 96.00.Obviously due to the design and structure of each slot game you are not going to get exactly 96.00 returned for every single batch of 100.00 worth of credits you play, this figure is paid back to players over the long term and as such in any one single slot playing session you will find your winnings can far exceed 96.00 for every 100.00 worth of credits you play.

Conversely you may experience some slot playing sessions where you win hardly anything at all! However, over the long term all slot games will payout a figure as close to its listed RTP as is possible.

So when you are looking to play slots make sure you track down those slots with the highest payout percentage, for you are going to get far longer playing session overall and more winning opportunities when playing a slot with a higher than average RTP than you will when playing one with a low RTP!

Slot Games Boasting the Highest Payout Percentages

To help save you a lot of time and effort checking the help files and the pay tables of every single slot game you come across to find the highest payout online slots games, below we have compiled a listing of the better paying games, which are offered by several different software providers.

Despite the fact that there are hundreds of online casinos for you to choose from, most of them are powered by just a handful of software providers with the big players being Microgaming and Playtech.

Fruit Machine RTPs – If you choose to play Fruit Machines or AWPs (amusement with prizes) as they are also known online, then Microgaming have a huge suite of these types of slot machines on offer. However it is not that well known that virtually all of Microgaming’s slot machines all boast the exact same payout percentage!

The most common RTP of all of Microgaming’s Fruit Machines is 96.50%, the only exceptions to this RTP is their Spooks and Ladders AWP which has  RTP of 96.60% and their Fruit Bingo AWP which is currently their highest paying Fruit Machine and boasts a payout percentage of a slight higher 96.69%.

We recommend Royal Vegas Casino (No US Players accepted at this time) as the best Microgaming-powered site.

Multi Spin Slots RTPs – If you enjoy playing slot games offered by one of the many different Playtech software powered online casino sites, of which there are plenty of them to choose from, then you will be very interested to learn that their range of Multi Spin slots have some of the highest RTPs of any online slot games.

When you are playing slots such as the Goblin’s Cave game you will be playing a slot which has a certified RTP of a massive 99.32%, or if you choose to play slots such as the Multi Spin Ugga Bugga slot or the Multi Spin Ocean Princess slot then these two slots boast RTPs of a huge 99.07%, so are well worth playing as they offer you the maximum winning opportunities thanks in no small part to those above average payout percentages!

Bet365 Casino is by far and away the best Playtech-based casino.

Bonus Video Slots RTPs – You will find more than enough video slots offered at all online casino sites that come with high payout percentages, but there are a few slot games that have very high RTPs and some of these games includes Microgaming’s Hot Ink slot which has a certified long term expected payout percentage of 97.50%, another Microgaming slot which has the same very high RTP is their Retro Reels Extreme Heat slot.

Should you prefer playing Playtech software powered slots then a couple of their range of bonus video slots that will give you plenty of winning opportunities are the Halloween Fortune slot which comes with a payout percentage of 97.06% or their even higher paying Golden Tour slot which offers  a RTP of some 97.71%.

Progressive Slots RTPS – A quick word of caution if you wish to play progressive slots online, as these types of slot machines come with an ever rising top prize jackpot payout, and as a percentage of your stakes are being fed into the jackpot pool, then these types of slots are not renowned for being very generous as far as their RTPs are concerned.

So for the best winning chances you are best off playing the other types of slots listed above!

Real Series Slots RTPs – If you are playing at a Real Time Gaming software powered casino, most of which accept American players, then there is something important that you need to know in regards to the payout percentages of their Real Series slot games. This is that the operators of RTG casino sites are given one of three different RTP settings which they can set their Real Series slot games to play out on.

These figures are generally 91.00%, 95.00% and 97.50%, and sadly the operators of Real Time Gaming powered casino sites do not let you know just which RTP their slot games are programmed to play and pay out at, so be wary of playing these types of online slots unless you know which one of those RTPs are in play, and stick to those sites offering the 97.50% option, if you can find any!

Bovada Casino is one such site and it accepts US players